Dnipropetrovs'k Region is Open to Co-operation

Dnipropetrovs’k Region is:
  • one of the largest central regions of Ukraine, its investment gate and industrial leader;
  • the space capital of the country. This is one of the recognized world centres of the rocket and space engineering with its leading enterprises M.K.Yangelia Design Office "Pivdenne" and O. Makarov "Pivdenny Machine Building Plant”;
  • testing area for development and execution of pilot projects on increasing of investment prospects and competitive capacity;
  • the territory of small and medium sized business promotion where
    35.5 thousand of enterprises of small and medium sized business, more than 180 thousand of physical persons-entrepreneurs, 17 business-centers, 2 business incubators, 14 leasing companies, 32 credit unions, 55 information-and-consultancy institutions, 2 regional funds of entrepreneurship support, 2 technoparks carry out their activity;

The main competitive advantages:

  • advantageous geographic and economical location and generated modern infrastructure;
  • rich raw materials base – more than 300 deposits with about 50% of all mineral resources of the country, 40 kinds of minerals;
  • developed industry that provides 20% of industrial-scale production of Ukraine including more than one third of cast iron, steel, rolled metal and almost 75% of pipes. The Dnipropetrovs’k region’s share, as to the realization of products made in Ukraine, amounts to 18.6%;
  • favourable conditions for agriculture – more than 2 million ha of arable lands, moderate continental climate, plain terrain;
  • powerful high skilled working and scientific potential – 7.3% of population of Ukraine live in the region. 70 higher educational establishments of every possible training field and more than 60 vocational schools provide specialists resource development;
  • the leadership among the regions of Ukraine as to the foreign investments attraction - more than USD 8.6 billions as of the beginning of 2013. The volume of the foreign investments makes USD 2407.8 per capita, that is 2.4 times more than average index in Ukraine (USD 1084.3);
  • being second on the list of the country’s goods exporters;
  • the region’s share makes one fifth of total Ukrainian volume.
    Dnipropetrovs'k Region is the land of talented, industrious people, which keep and augment economic and cultural possessions of our country, it is hospitable and very rich land. It is open for constructive partnership!