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Agro-Industrial Complex


The world is beautiful! If it’s safe. Biohumate «ZHIVOROST» works as a natural growth stimulator for plants. «ZHIVOROST» is got by the way of phased extraction of biohumus extracts- the very vital product of Californian red worm, which grows and develops based on organic residues.

 In Biohumate «ZHIVOROST» there are not less more important components-microorganisms besides of nutrients (micro-, trace elements, humic acid salts, fulvic acids etc.). Thru the microorganisms nutrient elements, inaccessible to the growth before, turn into a digestible form, and the humic components accelerate assimilation process of these elements. Just thru the microbial cell metabolism natural hormonal complex is start up which consists of phytohormones, vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, and other necessary compounds for plants. It was established that biostimulants, which are in coplrolites vermicultural (in the products for the life activity of the worms), promote the growth of the root & the root part of the plant & the microflora multiplication.

 Microbiological natural process of healing soils are started up, restoration of the microflora with its multiple growth is observed. In result, significantly, the conditions for soil nutrition of plants is being improved, activation of the processes of mobilization of nutrients in the form is taken place, easily assimilated by plants. Achieved goals by using Biohumate: _ To reduce ripening dates for 10-20 days; _ Harvest increasing till 20%-40% (depending on the completeness of use of humates) _ Improving grain quality & fruit (gluten free, vitrescence, sugar quantity, vitamins, sugar period) _ Resistance to drought & freezing) _ Pesticides saving for 10%-15% & mineral fertilizer for 20-30% _ 20-30% increase in the utilization rate of mineral fertilizers (depending on type of fertilizer) due to their better absorption by plants _ Quantitative indicators differ for each particular culture & are shown tentatively Biohumate Features: _ highly instant in water with the formation of small amounts of suspension of mineral components _easily absorbed by plants - mobilize its immune system - stimulate the growth of powerful root system - promotes nutrient components quick admission - intensifies metabolic processes in the plant cell, reducing the nitrate content by 2 time - increases chlorophyll content, vitamins, sugar & other valuable substances in fruits (for example, in wheat-gluten free) - stimulates all soil microorganisms growth - promotes intensive humus restoration/formation in soil, in humus & in compost - harmless both for humanity & animals, non allergenic, non anaphylactogenic, non teratogenic, non embryo toxic & non carcinogenic.

Phone: 380678410099; 380508410099
E-Mail: rema_daria@ukr.net
Web-site: rema.dp.ua

Limited Liability Company «PALLADA TB»

«PALLADA TB» LLC have operated in the Ukrainian market since 2007. It is located in the center of Dnipropetrovs’k region and has got production capacities that allow processing 6000 tons of soy-beans per month. Since 2010 we have maintained export deliveries of soy (unrefined) oil to Poland.

The company is looking for potential buyers on a regular basis. We are interested in cooperation with immediate producers of mixed feed for animals and poultry: swine, cattle, hens, as well as with farms involved in breeding of animals and poultry and producing feed for own needs. Our products meet the requirements of GOSTs adopted in Ukraine.



Code according to Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity

(UKTZED code)

Soy oil (unrefined)

DSTU 4534:2006


Soy-bean oilcake

GOST TU 27149-95


Product price and payment conditions – as agreed between the parties. Scope of supply – up to 300 tons of soy oil and up to 3000 tons of soy-bean oilcake per month. Soy processing by tolling scheme is possible.

Ms. Iryna Stoycheva – Director

Mailing address: 116 Bilostots’koho Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49034 Ukraine

Company registration code: 35448640

Phone: +38 (056) 370-12-65

Fax: +38 (0562) 36-78-29

E-Mail: palladatd@yandex.ru

Contact person: Mr. Ihor Vorobyov (Mobile: +38 (050) 453-14-26), Ms. Iryna Stoycheva (Mobile: +38 (098) 434-19-37)

Limited Liability Company «Agro-Oven»

«Agro-Oven», one of the largest poultry producers in Ukraine, has initiated cooperation with foreign trade and production enterprises.

The factory works with a total closed production cycle from receiving hatching eggs and rearing to processing of poultry meat. Corporation «Agro-Oven» is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine for the production of poultry meat.

The poultry processing started in 2007. The total production area is 7000 square meters. The company operates in the Dutch equipment «Mayn Food Processing», capacity is 60 ths.ton of poultry per year. Power of processing line is 7000 birds per hour.

Every year we increase production volumes and expanding the range to export. The development strategy of the company allows us to offer for export to the thousands of tons of frozen poultry meat per month. The main products for export are:

  • whole bird (natural and injected);
  • wing (natural and injected);
  • chicken back quarter (natural and injected)

We are interested in long-term cooperation and are ready to provide all the information you need about our products, terms of payment and delivery.

Mr. Viktor Zavorotniy - President

Mailing address: 2 Radyans’ka Str., Mahdalynivka, Mahdalynivka district, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51100 Ukraine

Company registration code: 25522107

Phone: +38 (0562) 33-45-90

E-Mail: ved@agrooven.com.ua  

Web-site: http://agrooven.com.ua

Contact person: Ms. Mariya Komaryans’ka - Export Manager

Limited Liability Company «Agrotradelink»

We are Ukrainian firm engaged in manufacturing and trade activities of agricultural products. We own agricultural lands and premises at grain warehouses in Dnipropetrovs’k, Mykolayiv and Kherson regions. We offer you the following products which manufactured in accordance with the national Ukrainian standards: crude sunflower oil (CSFO) in bulk, wheat flour of premium and 1st grade in polypropylene bags 5 kg and 50 kg, yellow corn (maize) as animal feed in bulk (also package bags 50 kg or big-bags possible), barley as animal feed. Upon your desire we may also offer sunflower cake and sunflower meal with delivery by sea-containers.

Upon your request we will provide you quality certificates for above-mentioned products. Please see below the quotations for the products. The quotations are subject to be discussed:

FCA – Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine

  • Crude Sunflower oil, 1st grade (bulk);
  • Wheat flour, premium grade (package pp bags 50 kg);
  • Wheat flour, 1st grade (package pp bags 50 kg);
  • Yellow corn (maize) as animal feed, 3rd grade (bulk, pp bags 50 kg);
  • Barley corn as animal feed, 3rd grade (bulk, pp bags 50 kg).

FOB – Odesa, Ukraine

  • Crude Sunflower oil, 1st grade (bulk);
  • Wheat flour, premium grade (package pp bags 50 kg);
  • Wheat flour, 1st grade (package pp bags 50 kg);
  • Yellow corn (maize) as animal feed, 3rd grade (bulk, pp bags 50 kg);
  • Barley corn as animal feed, 3rd grade (bulk, pp bags 50 kg).

SGS surveyor is possible upon request (at Buyer’s expense). We guarantee high quality products in accordance with strict national standards and fulfilling our contractual commitments in full. We hope to find mutually winning and long-term cooperation with our partners.

Mr. Vadym Dimitrov – Director

Mailing address: 59/70 Kholodyl’na Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49108 Ukraine

Company registration code: 39700208

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 795-00-55

E-Mail: vadimdp@mail.ua

Web-site: www.atl-agro.jimdo.com

Contact person: Mr. Vadym Dimitrov – Director (Mobile: +38 (093) 552-61-07, Skype: vadimd535)

Limited Liability Company «DJALA GOLD»

«DJALA GOLD» Company - development, production and introduction into industrial use the unique and highly efficient products and technological cycles «turnkey»:

  • Fertilizers and feed additives for agriculture: microfertilizers and liquid compound fertilizers;
  • Production technologies for comprehensive liquid organic fertilizers, as well as water purification technology;
  • Medications for clinics, pharmacies and medical and health centers/programs.

Success: implemented projects

  • Customer – «Crimean Titan» (Crimea, Armyansk). The technology of producing granulated organic-mineral fertilizers with humic substances is developed. The use of humic substances increases the rate of mineral nutrients assimilation, improves the strength and water resistance of the pellets. The result: a steady increase in crop yields, high yield at reduced rates of fertilizer by 20-30%.
  • The technological process of the experimental production of crystalline 96% beta-carotene is developed in the industrial environment of «Crimean Soda Plant» (Crimea, Krasnoperekopsk).
  • The production technology is developed and agricultural tests are conducted of  concentrated humic substances under the trade mark «Torfovit».
  • The product exhibited internationally, investigated as a universal set for all the spectra in agricultural sector. According to the physico-chemical characteristics «Torfovit» is not inferior to foreign high quality analogues, and according to a number of parameters, as well as cost, has significant advantages.
  • The projects of liquid organic fertilizers industrial production are implemented in Cherkasy and Dnipropetrovs’k regions.
  • Several studies provided positive results on cold fusion of highly efficient herbal extracts and humic gold compounds. The are used under conditions of acute and chronic infectious, radiation-chemical and radio-wave load, used in cancer therapy, for treatment of severe viral diseases and mixed infections. The research base is Institute of Gasrtoenterology, Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences.

All the developed technologies and products are patented. Have state registration:


Presentation of the Company «Djala Gold»:


Mr. Vasyl’ Ivanchenko - Director

Mailing address: 4 Ostrovs’koho By-Str., Yasne, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000 Ukraine

Company registration code: 33907125

Mobile: +38 (067) 641-88-88, +38 (067) 638-41-50

E-Mail: info@djala-gold.com, marketing@djala-gold.comsales@djala-gold.com

Web-site: http://djala-gold.com

Limited Liability Company «PRODEX GROUP»

«PRODEX GROUP» LLC is interested in export wholesale supplies of walnut kernels of the Ukrainian origin to international markets.

Product characteristics: walnut kernels without shell of light color, in the form of a kernel halve («butterfly») 95% of the total quantity, 1 st grade under GOST 16833-71, with a moisture content of 6-7%.

Packaging of goods: cardboard box containing 10 kg of walnut kernels.

Minimum quantity delivery - 20t, on customer’s demand the content is accompanied by a certificate of toxins in crop production as well as by a quality conformity certificate, certificate of origin, conclusions of the Sanitary & Epidemiological Station (SES), phyto sanitary and other documents confirming the quality and safety of goods.

Volume of delivery: up to 120t per month.

Terms of delivery: FOB, Odessa, if necessary - CIF, CFR or other.

Mr. Anton Kuz’min - Director

Mailing address: 1-A Klary Tsetkin Str., rooms No. 42-43, 45-46, 48, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49005 Ukraine

Company registration code: 40178194

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 375-43-22

E-Mail: kuzmin.anton@prodex-group.com.ua

Contact person: Mr. Anton Kuz’min - Director

Farm enterprise named after F. Nansen

The Farm Enterprise named after F. Nansen was founded in 2001 year at Mykhaylivka village, Apostolovs’kiy district, Dnipropetrovs’k region. It comprises of 50 hectares of land, 20 hectares of which – irrigation ones. The enterprise deals with growing of traditional kinds of agricultural plants and a high-protein plant known as Amaranth (Amaranthus). The plant is a great source of protein, mineral salts and vitamins.

Amaranth is not only a valuable bioactive food product, but it also has strengthening and revitalizing effect on the human body, due to complex variety of therapeutic and prophylactic properties as immunostimulant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, anti-virus, blood stopping and healing qualities.

The Farm Enterprise named after F. Nansen manufacturers dried grass of amaranth, amaranth extract concentrate on water-based by propylene glycol method and other grasses of raw material supplied by customer.

Dried amaranth grass or extract concentrate can be used in production of animal feed. Adding of extract into water for breeding chickens (broilers) reduces mortality by 2-3 times.

Amaranth green mass outstands with high protein content (in 2 times more as compared to corn) and biologically active substances, which influences positively on cows’ butterfat content.

Chemical composition and nutritional value of green mass of corn and amaranth (by S.Varchuk, S. Shapovalov, V. Gnoevoy etc.):




Dry substance (Ds)/g



Ash, g/100 g  Ds



Fat , -»-



Protein, -»-



Dietary fibre



Macroelements, g/100g Ds

Ca, -»-



P, -»-



Mg , -»-



K, -»-



Na, - »-



Microelements, mg/100kg Ds

Cu, -»-



Co, -»-



Mn, -»-



Zn, -»-



Fe, -»-



Pb, -»-



Cd, -»-



Carotene, mg/kg (Ds)



Vitamin E, -»-



B1, -»-



B2, -»-



Nowadays, the farm can manufactures 60 tons of dried grass or 420 tons of amaranth extract concentrate per year. In the future it is planning to increase dried grass production by 250 tons or extract concentrate by 2940 tons per year.

The company is looking for potential constant buyers of the abovementioned products. It is also interested in cooperation with the direct feed producers for poultry and animals: pigs, cattle. Partnership with companies engaged in breeding of animals and poultry is also possible.

Amaranth extract concentrate can also be used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as well as in eco-products of household chemicals production. Possibility of sales through drugstores retail chains is studying.

Mr. Oleksandr Petryk - Head of the farm

Mailing address: 33 B.Khmelnytskoho Str., Mykhaylivka village, Apostolovo district, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 53820 Ukraine

Company registration code: 31256240

E-Mail: fsg_f.nansena@ukr.net, myschastye@i.ua

Web-site: http://aamarant.nethouse.ua

Contact person: Mr. Oleksandr Petryk - Head of the farm (Mobile: +38 (097) 417-59-86)

«ALBION» Trading company, LTD

«ALBION» Trading company, LTD offers biomass pellets of the highest quality produced in Ukraine with all required documents and delivery in the shortest possible time.

The company invites to cooperation foreign companies, interested in buying the following commodities:

  • Sunflower husks pellets;
  • Wood pellets of soft and hard grades (Nestro, Ruf, Pini-Kay).

Delivery in Big-Bags 1tn. or any convenient for customers form.

Mr. Oleksandr Prokhorov – Director

Mailing address: 1 Sobinova Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49083 Ukraine

Company registration code: 37179984

Mobile: +38 (067) 562-22-07

E-Mail: musiychenko@const.dp.ua

Skype: Stanislav.musiycenko

Contact person: Mr.Stanislav Musiychenko - Head of Export department

Chemical Industry



«Ecolan-M» (Technical specifications U 24.6-35780370-001-2009 as of July 7, 2009) is a new modified product of «Ecolan» series designed to clean soils, natural reservoirs, water areas and effluents contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbon and petroleum products.

Petroleum sorbent «Ecolan-M»was developed by the Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Population and Territories from Natural and Man-Made Emergency Situations” and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.308 as of March 29, 2001  on “Procedure for Creation and Use of Material Reserves for Prevention and Elimination of Natural and Man-Made Emergency Situations and Their Consequences”.

«Ecolan-M» has a number of advantages compared with the most famous in Ukraine products for cleaning oil-polluted environment. Specially selected high-efficient compositions of microbial strains (four types!) with high ability to synthesize surfactants allow the product to destruct both water-soluble and water-insoluble oil components.

1g of sorbent contains ONE HUNDRED million bacteria-destructors of the petroleum products!

  Microorganisms that are contained in the product are capable of growing and destructing hydrocarbons in a wide range of mineralization of environment (0.05-7.0%), temperature (+10 - +40°C) and pH (4.5-9.0). They absorb a wide spectrum of hydrocarbons (crude oil, mineral oils, diesel and jet fuel, gasoline, kerosene and other petroleum products), the end products after decomposition of hydrocarbons are environmentally neutral compounds that do not have adverse effects on the ecosystem.

Upon completion of the cleansing process the biomass of product microorganisms that were induced and reproduced in a polluted environment dies and turns into organic substances that facilitate development of natural microbial flora and restoration of the ecosystem.

Production of «Ecolan-M» is carried out on the carbohydrate substrate, which allows getting bacteria adapted to the actual conditions of contamination.

Phone: 380678410099; 380508410099
E-Mail: rema_daria@ukr.net
Web-site: rema.dp.ua

State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant»

The general partner of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce and Industry State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant» (SE RIC PCP) was established in 1929 as an enterprise for production of explosive materials and charging of ammunition for various purposes (artillery, aviation, navy, engineering etc.).

In the 1960s the enterprise started production of composite solid propellants, loaded motor cases and rocket motors of weight 1 kg to 50000 kg.

Nowadays SE RIC PCP is one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises in the fields of

  • Production:

- explosives, composite solid rocket propellants and items of their content;

- drilling and blasting operations;

  • Disposal:

- various types of ammunition unsuitable for further storage and application;

- solid propellant;

  • Scientific research on:

- development of high-energetic materials and items;

- development of technologies for production and disposal of explosive materials and items;

  • Design and engineering:

- technologies and equipment for production and disposal of explosion and fire dangerous materials and items;

- technologies and tailored equipment for production of polymer and composite materials.

Production activities, services, scientific, research and development activities of the enterprise are ISO certified:

State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant» participates in programs:


  • On elimination of strategic armaments, within of «The Treaty Between the USA and the USSR on Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms» signed 31/07/1991, and its Lisbon START Protocol signed 23/05/1992, regarding Ukraine’s commitments on eliminating ICBM SS-24;


  • Comprehensive Programme of Stage-by-stage Reduction and Elimination of ICBM SS-24 approved by the President’s Instruction of 02/12/1997;
  • Programme on Disposal of Solid Propellant of ICBM SS-24 approved by Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.1684 dated 29/10/2000 (read with Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.1262 dated 22/09/2004);
  • Programme on Disposal of Conventional Types of Ammunition Unsuitable for Further Application and Storage approved by Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.40 - 1 of 20/01/1995;
  • Regional Comprehensive Programme on Conversion of Mining Enterprises to Use of Environmentally Safe and TNT-free Explosives; Development of blasting science in Ukraine (Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.21858/45 of 27/01/1996).

The Enterprise is a member of the Interdepartmental Enterprise Association of Producers and Consumers of Industrial Explosives «Ukrvzryvprom» (Ukrainian Explosive Industry). Leading specialists of the enterprise are members of the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE).

State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant» maintains long-term mutually beneficial cooperation on production supplies and offering services to foreign companies in 20 countries all over the world.

For more detailed information please visit the Internet website of the company: http://www.ric-phz.com.ua/index.php?pages=about&ln=en.

Mr. Leonid Shyman - General Director – General Designer of solid propellant rocket motors (SPRM), PhD

Mailing address: 44 Zavods’ka Str., Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51402 Ukraine

Company registration code: 14310112

Phone/fax: +38 (0563) 211-008 / +38 (0563) 211-001

E-mail: dirphz@pkhz.dp.ua

Web-site: www.ric-phz.com.ua

Production and technical complex «ERA» LLC

ERA is a manufacturer of natural laundry and toilet soap for already 15 years. The complex is located in Dneprodzerzhinsk in the vicinity of «Dniproazot» which is one of the suppliers of basic raw materials for the production of various types of solid soap.

Production is equipped with automatic lines of CIS countries and the foreign companies’ production, and it has its own laboratory. The modernization of the industrial equipment and the improvement of quality of the made production are carried out constantly.

The specialists of the company developed specifications for production of soaps, which is different from state standard by more strict requirements for the quality of products, and received the hygienic conclusions on its release on these specifications. The own developed process of soap manufacture allowed to improve quality, soapiness, aroma, and convenience of storage.

From the moment of foundation, the production has developed at the expense of the quality improvement, the improvement of the equipment, and the increase of qualified employees involved in process of production.

Only natural components are used as raw materials – the superior quality fat-containing substances of a vegetable and animal origin, tropical vegetable oils. Only qualitative raw materials from the best Ukrainian producers and from foreign producers are used. Fragrances for toilet soap are bought from known global manufacturers which deliver fragrances to such well known brands as Procter&Gamble and Iniveler.  

The company received necessary standards and permissions which allow making the different sizes of soap.

Performs mass production of soap in range: the toilet – 75 g, 100 g, 135 g, 200 g and laundry 72% – 150 g 200 g, 250 g, 350 g. Priority markets: Germany, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia. Export experience to the EU - missing. Planned export products: laundry soap 72%, toilet soap. Code - 3401 Certification: quality control under ISO 9001:2009.

Mr. Ihor Zhuchkov – Director

Mailing address: 18 Fuchika Str., office 58, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 30745698

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 788-14-74 / +38 (056) 732-41-10

E-mail: zhuchkov.igor@mail.ru

Web-site: www.era-soap.com.ua

Contact person: Mr. Ihor Zhuchkov – Director

Construction Industry

Wallpaper Factory «VINIL» LLC

The general partner of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce and Industry «VINIL» LLC is one of the leaders of Ukrainian wallpaper business for 21 years. The establisment produces all types wallpaper known in the world, according to European standards, on paper and flizeline base, under a trade mark «LANITA».

Unchangeably high European level of «LANITA» trade mark products is secured by strict demands to the quality of both raw materials and finished products. The production capacities of enterprise allow produce to 3 million rolls of wallpaper per month. As an enterprise-producer, we have practically unlimited possibilities for fulfilling the needs of even the most demanding clients.

We offer more than 3000 types of wallpaper and permanent addition to the assortment new collections, created in own Design Studio, delivery of products to the customers and many others. High production capacities and technological equipmentallow to us also produce exclusive parties by design or pictures of customer in the earliest possible dates.

Basic direction in the production of our factory is producing: wallpapers of hot-stamping both on a paper and flizeline base, vinyl wallpapers, wallpapers steady to washing, vinyl wallpapers for painting.

Vinyl wallpapers

  • Measuring 10,05 х 0,53 (m), group 05, ВНК (VNK), ВК (VK), ВКП (VKP). They are vinyl, relief, profile wallpapers on paper basis, with causing of Polyvinyl chloride coverage and printed picture, by the deep stencilled print. Every group has no less than 30 designs, each of which contains a various colour gamut.

Wallpapers steady to washing

  • Measuring 10,05 х 0,53 (m), group МНК (MNK). This type of wallpapers is the vinyl wallpapers on paper base, got the method of the screen printing , similarly, and on some types of deep print, with causing of polyvinyl chloride coverage and printed picture. These wallpapers are very practical and steady to washing, they can be glued for this reason, in such places as a kitchen, bathroom, corridor. The great number of designs and rich palette of colors can satisfy can satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Wallpapers vinyl for painting

  • Measuring 15,00 х 0,53 (m), group 18, 26, ПНК (PNK). Wallpapers on paper basis with causing of polyvinyl chloride coverage and printed picture, by the deep screen print. Riches of designer decisions will help to make your choice you exactly for them. The feature of this group consists in that they can be repainted to 5 times, changing here a situation in your house without the special efforts.
  • Measuring 25,00 х 1,06 (m), group С. It wallpapers not toned on flizeline base, with causing of polyvinyl chloride coverage and printed picture, by the screen printing.  Wallpapers on flizeline base are a basic type of wallpapers for painting, which guarantees the ideal surface of the pasted over walls. Similarly give an opportunity to paint walls in any colour gamut no less than 7 times.
  • Measuring 10,05 х 1,06 (m), group НХ (NKH), ДХ (DKH), ДХН (DKHN). This type of wallpapers on flizeline base toned, with causing of polyvinyl chloride coverage and printed picture, by the screen printing. Most popular type of wallpapers of world practice. Very practical, have a rich assortment of designs and wide palette of colors. This group can be painted similarly no less than 7 times.

Wallpapers of hot-stamping

  • Measuring 10,05 х 0,53 (m), group 10, 11, 12, 13. Vinyl relief, embossing wallpapers on paper base, with causing of polyvinyl chloride coverage and printed picture, by the screen printing method, deep printing and calendering. Causing of relief takes place by a hot method, that allows to obtain an especially high-quality, lasting structure and aesthetic type of surface. In addition, these wallpapers can be used for laminating of premises affected by more powerful loads and high humidity.
  • Measuring 10,05 х 1,06 (m), group ФШТ (FSHT), ТФШ (TFSH), VIP class. It is wallpapers of hot-stamping on flizeline base. They are not simply beautiful and stylish, and similarly the very durable are steady to influence of moisture and light, does not lose a kind on expiration of many years. Elegance of designs of these groups, beauty and aesthetic riches, allows to go at one level with the world producers of wallpaper industry.

Quality certificates and hygienical conclusions of Ukraine and Russia, applying ISO 9001 quality standard, «Vyshcha proba» (The highest Probe) trade mark, diplomas from international trade shows, appraisals of the European experts, trade representatives in the countries of the former USSR and numerous clients in Europe and Asia substantiate our, gained by years of work, serious reputation of leading Ukrainian wallpapers producer and a reliable partner in business.

Wallpaper factory «VINIL» is a modern growing and improving company. We value and appreciate the high rate of «LANITA» trademark, being included in the list of the leading Ukrainian brands on the wallpaper market. We are proud of our reputation of  the serious and reliable partner, opened for cooperation and oriented on achieving good and high results.

We are prepared for mutually profitable business relations with new clients and we do appreciate the trust of our constant clients. We are glad that trough the years our relationship became even firmer, they expand and assist stability and development of our mutual business.

Mr. Vitaliy Tsygankov – General Director

Mailing address: 174 Geroyiv Stalingrada Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49057 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 25513976

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 371-45-76 / +38 (0562) 31-05-03

E-mail: info@lanita.com.ua

Web-site: www.vinil.ua

Contact person: Mr. Oleksandr Telegin - Head of Wholesale Foreign Trade Trends (Mobile: +38 (067) 632-56-29, E-mail: tyelyegin@lanita.com.ua)


Our Company «POLY-MAKS» Ltd, (Ukraine, Dnipropetrovs'k) is engaged in production of steel pins for formwork support. We use for our production armature A240C; diameter 16; 18 and 20 mm, steel type 3ps. We can produce the steel pins by any diameter and length according to our client’s requests.

Term of production of 1 truck per 20 mt (with delivery) is 14 calendar days since your order placement. Our products meet all quality standards for this type of products which is confirmed by Certificate of quality of manufacturing plant.

We are delighted to offer you the following products at the prices stated below:

Steel pin for formwork support

Euro/item, all prices don’t include the transport charges.

Diameter, mm

Length, mm

Weight, kg

Wholesale, payment delay 14 calendar days

































Please note that all prices are fixed  according to sale price of 1 ton of armature A240C (production of Arcelor Mittal) and don’t include the freight.

All deliveries should be discussed separately depending on place of destination and truck loading.

Here is below the freight charges from Smela to Nuremberg per 1 item:

  • Ø16 – Euro0.1/pcs;
  • Ø18 - Euro 0.12/pcs;
  • Ø20 - Euro 0.14 /pcs. 

Mr. Serhiy Shchebetyuk - Director

Mailing address: 2 Panikakhy Str., building E, room 105, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000 Ukraine

Company registration code: 38530533

Phone: +38 (056) 744-97-32

E-Mail: office@poly-max.de

Web-site: http://poly-max.de

Contact person: Mr. Serhiy Shchebetyuk - Director (Mobile:  +38 (067) 360-72-74, Skype: Schebetyuk) 

Private company «MLAD»

Private company «MLAD» (TM «Business Builders») - specializes in the construction and reconstruction of objects (buildings), industrial and commercial applications, while carrying out a full range of «turnkey», including perform underground work in mines.

Development of design documentation and drawings KMD (The detailed design of metal) made his own engineering company. Metal Fabrication - shop for metal and their installation - construction and assembly workshop, which are the structural units of the company.

TM «Business Builders» performs the following activities:

  • design(pre-design, feasibility study of investments, development of design estimates, non-standard equipment design, supervision, life support facilities);
  • construction(fabrication and installation of prefabricated buildings and structures, the design, construction and installation works, construction of mines and underground structures, installation of engineering networks and equipment, installation of process equipment and piping, engineering (general contractor));
  • metal fabrication;
  • Vibro-ripping equipment for unloading of frozen bulk cargo;
  • strengthening the foundations of soils and foundations.

The company guarantees a thorough engineering, organizational and technological preparation of production; detailed step by step plan and committed actions, which ensures the absence of losses and errors, timely implementation of projects and the minimum possible budget.

For more information about the projects is available on the company's website: http://www.stroybiz.com.ua/ru/objects.php

Mr. Artem Vyhodin - General Director

Mailing address: 10 Universal’na Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49024 Ukraine

Company registration code: 23023216

Phone: +38 (056) 370-59-87

Fax: +38 (056) 370-59-86

E-Mail: referent@stroybiz.com.ua

Web-site: www.stroybiz.com.ua

Contact person: Mr. Artem Vyhodin - General Director

Private Joint Stock Company Production Enterprise «Techmash»

PJSC PE «Techmash» (Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine) founded 25 years ago - a construction company specializing in completion of the whole complex of project works:

1. Fabrication of equipment (within the projects cope as well as under the separate contracts):

  • non-standard equipment as per customer’s drawings;
  • conveyers (belt, chain, screw, cable and slat);
  • bins of any indicated configuration;
  • steel structures of various designation &design;
  • gravity flow equipment (piping, speed dampers, elbows);
    aspiration ducts.

We have recent experience of equipment fabrication for export and have possibility to accomplish construction works in Europe.

2. Installation of process equipment;

3. Process piping erection;

4. E&I scope;

5. Accompanying of commissioning works.

Mr. Oleksandr Kolomoyets – Director

Mailing address: 94-B Marshala Malynovs’koho Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49022 Ukraine

Company registration code: 13437402

Web-site: www.tehmash.dp.ua

Contact person: Ms. Olena Stepanenko - Projects Coordinator (Mobile: +38 (050) 363-31-87, E-mail: elena_stepanenko@techmash.dp.ua)

Limited Liability Company «ART-ECO»

Company LLC «ART-ECO» /architecture & ecology/ is modern European company with 6 years of experience in the field of mineral processing, construction of industrial and civil objects, cosmetic skin care.

Our company is engaged in retail and wholesale of clay, kaolin in Ukraine.

We are interested in reliable partners for cooperation.

We offer you our products:

Characteristics of Ukrainian deposits of kaolin



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LOI, %

not more

Whiteness, %


































Characteristics of Ukrainian deposits of clay

Clay grade


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LOI, %

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Ductility, Units























Mr. Artem Zhukov – Director

Mailing address: 33/61 Kalinina Str., Ordzhonikidze, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 53300 Ukraine

Company registration code: 36028607

Phone/fax: +38 (05667) 4-27-69

E-Mail: art-eko_kaolin@ukr.net

Limited Liability Company «Institute DniproVNIPIenergoprom»

DniproVNIPIenergoprom was found in 1986 in USSR Energetic Ministry as an institute for complex projecting of different heat and energetic objects.

In our days LLC Institute DniproVNIPIenergoprom is the main institute in Ukraine in cogeneration, combined cycle and gas turbine power plants development.

DniproVNIPIenergoprom provides complex engineering of next energetic objects:

  • cogeneration plants;
  • district heating and industrial boiler plants;
  • particular cites and industries heat supply sources;
  • electric substations and lines of electricity transmissions;
  • heat network mains;
  • wind-mill electric generation plants;
  • small hydroplants;
  • several energetic objects, such as oil reservoirs, demineralizing stations, repairing bases etc.

LLC Institute DniproVNIPIenergoprom takes part in all phases of investment process, including feasibility study, business plan development, complaining with and presenting to the state administration the project, field supervision, technical support during the implementation and assisting in equipment completing.

During the engineering DniproVNIPIenergoprom works in a tight cooperation with equipment designers and suppliers, develops the technical requirements for new energetic equipment, takes part in technical conditions complaining during the equipment ordering. Institute has a fast connection almost with all equipment suppliers in Russia, Ukraine and other Commonwealth members.

There are more than 50 cogeneration plants, boiler plants, heat network mains, electric substations and lines of electricity transmissions in different points of the Commonwealth, that were built and are building now in accordance with DniproVNIPIenergoprom projects or are engineering by DniproVNIPIenergoprom now.

Basic objects designed (completely or partly) by Limited Liability Company «Institute DniproVNIPIenergoprom»:

Heat power stations (steam-turbines, gas-turbines combined cycle, pistons), boiler houses and heating networks:

  • Cogeneration plant, Yamal, Russia;
  • Priobskaya gas-turbine electric power station, Tyumen region, Russia;
  • Syzranskaya cogeneration plant, Samara region, Russia;
  • Shahtinskaya gas-turbine electric power station, Rostov region, Russia;
  • Kaluzhskaya cogeneration plant, Kaluga, Russia;
  • Livenskaya cogeneration plant, Livny, Orel region, Russia;
  • Novocheboksarskaya cogeneration plant № 3, Chuvashija Republic, Russia;
  • Kirovskaya cogeneration plant № 1, Kirov, Russia;
  • Kirovskaya cogeneration plant № 4, Kirov, Russia;
  • Peak water boiler on the territory of Yakutsk SDPP, Saha (Yakutia) Republic, Russia;
  • Boiler of OJSC «Nizhnekamskneftekhim», Republic of Tatarstan, Russia;
  • Boiler of West Siberian complex of deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials in polyolefins, Tobolsk, Tyumen region, Russia;
  • Djagilevskaya cogeneration plant, Rjazan, Russia;
  • Mini-cogeneration plant, Zyrjanka, Saha (Yakutia) Republic, Russia;
  • Gas-turbine electric power station, Labitnangi, Tyumen region, Russia;
  • Gas-turbine electric power station, Nogliki, Sahalin region, Russia;
  • Cogeneration plant of Atirau oil refinery, Aktjubinsk region, Kazakhstan;
  • Razdanskaya cogeneration plant, Armenia;
  • DTEK Zaporojskaya power station, Energodar, Ukraine;
  • DTEK Krivorojskaya power station, Zelenodol’s’k, Ukraine;
  • DTEK Pridneprovskaya power station, Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine;
  • Kamish-Burunskaya cogeneration plant, Kerch, AR Crimea, Ukraine;
  • Cogeneration plant of Crimean soda factory, Krasnoperekops’k, AR Crimea, Ukraine;
  • Cogeneration plant of State JSC «Titan», Armyans’k, AR Crimea, Ukraine;
  • Makeevka’s chemical-coke factory, Makiyivka, Donets’k region, Ukraine;
  • Simpferopolskaya cogeneration plant, Simpferopol, AR Crimea, Ukraine;
  • Cogeneration plant of Saki’s heating networks, Saki, AR Crimea, Ukraine;
  • Cogeneration plant, Izmail, Odesa region, Ukraine;
  • «Fiolent» factory, Simpferopol, AR Crimea, Ukraine;
  • UMZ cogeneration plant, Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine;
  • OJSC «Dneproshina», Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine;
  • DMZ Petrovskogo, Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine;
  • Cogeneration plant of Donetsk’s metallurgical factory, Donets'k, Ukraine;
  • Cogeneration plant-PVS of Yenakievo’s metallurgical factory, Donets'k region, Ukraine;
  • «Azovstal Metkombinat», Mariupol, Donets'k region, Ukraine;
  • OJSC «Markohim», Mariupol, Donets'k region, Ukraine;
  • Gostomel’s glass factory, Gostomel, Kyyiv region, Ukraine;
  • OJSC «Cherkassiteplokommunenergo», Cherkasy, Ukraine;
  • Shebelinka’s OPGKN, Shebelinka, Harkov region, Ukraine;
  • OJSC «Yasynivka’s chemical-coke factory», Yasynivka, Donets'k region, Ukraine;
  • Wind-mill electric generation plant, AR Crimea, Ukraine;
  • Wind-mill electric generation plant, Mykolayiv region, Ukraine.


  • CRP 500/110 kV, two GPP 110/10 kV and external power supply of West Siberian complex of deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials in polyolefins, Tobolsk, Tyumen region, Russia;
  • Substation 330 kV «Lebedi», Belgorod region, Russia;
  • Substation 330/110/10 kV «Grozniy», Chechnja Republic, Russia;
  • Substation 220/110/10 kV «Peleduy», Saha (Yakutia) Republic, Russia;
  • Substation 110 kV №71 «Povarovo», Moscow region, Russia;
  • Substation 110/35/10 kV «Dergachevskaja», Saratov region, Russia;
  • Substation 110/35/6 kV «Shluzovaja», Rostov region, Russia;
  • Substation 110/35/6 kV «Aganskaya», «Vah», «KNS-1», «KNS-32», «Negus», «Solkino», «Teplovskaja», «Fedorovskaja» and other, Tyumen region, Russia;
  • Substation 110/10/6 kV «DOSAAF» and R-8, Rostov region, Russia;
  • Substation 110/6 kV «Sovetskaja», Bryansk, Russia;
  • Substation 110/6 kV «Ivanovskaja-15», Ivanovo, Russia;
  • Substation 110/35/6 kV «Konstantinovka», Donets’k region, Ukraine;
  • Substation 110/35/6 kV «Yenakiyevo», Donets’k region, Ukraine;
  • Substation 110/35/6 kV «Rutchenkovo», Donets’k, Ukraine;
  • Substation «Berdyanskaya», Open switchyard 150 kV, Zaporizhzhya region, Ukraine;
  • Substation 35/6 kV OJSC «Ordjonikidze’s GOK», Dnipropetrovs’k region, Ukraine;
  • Substation 35/6 kV OJSC «Promenergouzel», Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine;
  • Substation 35/6 kV «Аrtem-35», Krivoy Rog, Dnipropetrovs’k region, Ukraine;
  • Substation 35/6 kV «Pioneer», Krivoy Rog, Dnipropetrovs’k region, Ukraine;
  • ORU 150 and 35 kV substation «Nikopol’s-150», Dnipropetrovs’k region, Ukraine;
  • ORU 150 kV Kremenchug’s cogeneration plants, Kremenchuk, Poltava region, Ukraine.

Lines of electricity transmissions (OTL):

  • OTL 220 kV «Gorodskaja-Peleduy», Saha (Yakutia) Republic, Russia;
  • OTL 220 kV «Olekminsk – NPS 14», Saha (Yakutia) Republic, Russia;
  • OTL 110 kV, lines of the SS 500 kV Svjatogor, HMAO-Yugra, Tyumen region, Russia;
  • OTL 110 kV «Belojarskoe-Peregrebnoe», Tyumen region, Russia;
  • OTL 110 kV «Tulachermet AK», Tula region, Russia;
  • OTL 110 kV «Shipovo-Ferzikovo», Tula region, Russia;
  • OTL 110 kV «G-3» - SS N84 L-122B, Chechnja Republic, Russia;
  • OTL 110 kV SS «GRP-110» - SS «CFGU» L-116/117, Chechnja Republic, Russia;
  • OTL 110 kV SS «Ischerskaja» - SS «Naurskaya» L-171A, Chechnja Republic, Russia;
  • OTL 110 kV «G-330» - «Octyabrskaja» L-136/137, Chechnja Republic, Russia;
  • OTL 35 kV «Cemzavod» - «Shatoy» L-87A, Chechnja Republic, Russia;
  • OTL 330 kV. Reconstruction crossing, Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovs’k region, Ukraine, etc.

Mr. Oleksiy Mikulin – General Director

Mailing address: 2-A Barnaul’s’ka Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49044 Ukraine

Company registration code: 04840748

Phone: +38 (0562) 31-00-70

Fax: +38 (0562) 34-12-93

E-Mail: dneprom@privat-online.net

Web-site: www.dneprom.dp.ua

Food Industry


The leading Ukrainian manufacturer of alcoholic drinks has 17 years of experience in the production of alcohol beverages including high-quality brandy and fruit spirits and grain alcohol. Their products are currently sold in the domestic market as well as China, Usa, Nigeria.

The company also produces three, four, and five-year-old brandies,  a seven year old brandy stored in oak casks, and premium 9-10 year brandies, as well as whiskey, malt and cane flavoured spirits, liqueurs, and fermented drinks, as well as a range of low alcohol beverages. They make both traditional vodka spirits, as well as souvenir and commemorative vodka, sealed with sealing wax. Before bottling, all products pass tasting control at the central tasting commission.

In order to expand their markets, the company is looking for wholesalers of alcoholic beverages with documented sales to restaurants, chain stores and supermarkets interested in selling these products under a distribution services agreement.

E-Mail: export@strongdrink.com.ua
Phone: +38 (056)-719-92-70

Private Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’k food concentrates plant»

The general partner of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce and Industry Private Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’k food concentrates plant» (TM Zolote zerno) on the food market are 75 years of age. Today he is one of the largest in Ukraine. Our company is committed to providing useful, functional foods, the purpose of which - to preserve and promote the health of consumers. The range of products the plant has more than 130 items. The priority of our company is the perfection of quality and assortment of products focused on the needs of the consumer. More details can be found with an assortment of online businesses.

Mr. Oleksandr Kovrov - Director

Mailing address: 1 Molodohvardiys’ka Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49800 Ukraine  

Company registration code: 00374048

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 721-25-35

Web-site: www.zolote-zerno.com.ua

Contact person: Ms. Hanna Horyana – Manager of Foreign Trade Department (Phone: +38 (056) 721-25-35)

Limited Liability Company «AVK CONFECTIONARY»

The general partner of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce and Industry AVK Company is one of the leaders of confectionery manufacturers in Ukraine. The company was established in 1991. The range of products includes more than 100 kinds of confectionary compound and chocolate coating. «AVK» follows active innovative strategy and every year renews the range of products.  The main factor of company’s success is special attitude to the quality and professionalism at all levels. The conformation to it is a compliance certificate ISO 9001 in 2000 and long-termed deals of delivering different coatings among Ukraine, Europe and near-abroad countries.

There is a crisis in Ukraine now and we had to reduce our production output. We have a long term contracts for different types of raw materials which we don`t need now. As the result of crisis the Ukrainian currency became cheaper and our fixed prices in long term contracts became more competitive. One of the raw materials is sugar and we are looking for possibilities to sell our surpluses on foreign markets.

Our offer is following:


PRICE: 380 USD per Metric Ton

Origin: Ukraine

Delivery: CPT Dnepropetrovsk

Packaging: 50 kg bags

Total volume of offer: 120 000 MT (10 000 MT per month)

Payment: LC - Letter of Credit against proof of product documentation by a top 50 world bank. 

Mr. Volodymyr Avramenko – Director

Mailing address82-A Mezhyhirs’ka Str., Kyiv, 04080 Ukraine

Company registration code: 39461796

Phone: +38 (044) 206-85-90

Fax: +38 (044) 206-85-91

E-Mail: kiev@avk.ua, avk@avk.ua

Web-site: http://avk.ua/en/

Limited Liability Company «Snack Export»

The general partner of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce and Industry «Snack Export» Company is a leader in the Ukrainian snack market and one of the major players in the European snack market.

Brands of the company «Snack Export» are on the top in almost all segments of the Ukrainian snack market. Products are confident leaders in Moldova, and Central Asia. Markets of Belarus and the Caucasus are now actively exploring.

Intensive work has been done to promote brands. Production facilities are located in the Dnipropetrovs'k region (Ukraine). «Snack Export» Company has been on snack market for 20 years.

We can offer you to import and exclusive rights for distribution of whole range of snack products in your region and propose broad mutually advantageous partnership.

The portfolio of brands consists of «Snekkin», «SEMKI», «Kozatska slava», «МACHO», «KartoFan», «My Rybalka», «Red».

Range of snack products includes (http://sgroup.dp.ua/en/brands/):

  • Potato Chips ТМ «Snekkin» (packages 22g, 65g, 125g);
  • Sunflower seeds, kernels, mixed seeds TM «SEMKI» (packages 50g, 70g, 80g, 90g, 180g, 200g, 350g);
  • Wheat-rye crackers with different flavors TM «Snekkin» (packages 35 g, 80 g);
  • Rye toasts with different flavors TM «Snekkin» (packages 35g, 70g);
  • Peanuts roasted salted ТМ «Kozatska slava» (packages 35g, 55g, 90g, 180g);
  • Pistachios ТМ «МACHO» (packages 30g, 60g, 125g, 200g);
  • Potato plates with different flavors TM «KartoFan».

«Snack Export» Company guarantees the highest quality products for consumers through:

  • Snacks production uses only the best suppliers of the high quality raw materials, natural spices and flavors of the world's leading manufacturers;
  • Service quality management always provides strict quality control and fulfillment with the relevant regulations and products storage standards;
  • Products are manufactured by using the advanced equipment;
  • All processes are automated and that allow achieving the highest performance level;
  • Company's staff passes complex multi-level training to work with the production facilities.

The «Snack-Export» Company has quality certificates (http://sgroup.dp.ua/en/business-directions/production-of-snacks/):

  • Certificate of conformity to state standards for all types of products;
  • Certificate of conformity to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2009;
  • Halal Certification;
  • Certification of imported raw materials for the snack production.

We could offer delivery services around the world over our partners.

Also we provide services of production Private Label snack products on our capacities.

The «Snack-Export» Company is working today without any delays and cancelations. We continue to fulfill its obligations to our partners.

Mr. Serhiy Bilyy - General Director

Mailing address: 32-B Molohvardiys’ka Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000 Ukraine

Company registration code: 33324584

Web-site: http://sgroup.dp.ua/en/

Contact person: Mr. Oleksiy Selivanov - Director for Business Development of Foreign Economic Activity S.Group Corporation (Mobile: +38 (067) 633-99-56, E-mail: alex@snack.dp.uaalex@sigroup.ua, Skype: selivanov708)

Limited Liability Company «Aquafrost»

The general partner of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce and Industry «Aquafrost» LLC (TM «Vodny Mir®») is:

  • The first and the only one producer of surimi, seafood and  fish products in Ukraine;
  • The biggest industrial warehouse complex for processing and producing of  surimi, seafood and  fish products in Ukraine;
  • The manufacturing cycle of «Vodny Mir®» is based upon advanced industrial equipment of the world's leading manufacturers (Japan, Switzerland, Germany) and high food technologies;
  • Product quality inspection is one of the best in Ukraine and the industry overall;
  • TM «Vodny Mir®» is the national market leader for surimi, seafood and fish products.
  • 14 years of success at the Ukrainian market.

«Vodny Mir®» - we have much to be proud of:

  • First HACCP, ISO-9001 and ISO – 22000 certified fish-processing factory in Ukraine;
  • First fish-processing factory in Ukraine which obtained Euronumberfor exporting to EU;
  • After establishing Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan the Company was one of the first successfully certified by Rosselkhoznadzor which allowed to export products  to the countries of this Union;
  • TM «Vodny Mir®» is known abroad: in the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Israel (the delivery of goods to EU and other countries is planned for 2015);
  • The products under TM «Vodny Mir®» were constantly awarded and continue to receiving awards from the most prestigious domestic and international institutions, among them: «The Best Ukrainian producer», «Industry Leader», «The Highest Grade», «Excellent Quality» and «Sign of Public Confidence»;
  • 110 000 tons of surimi products, as well as more than 6 000 tons of preserves (including marine cocktails, mussels and caviar) were consumed with pleasure by our customers.

«Vodny Mir®» - History:


  • Surimi products: since 2001
  • Fish and seafood preserves: since 2007
  • Spreads:
  • Capelin caviar: since 2007
  • Caviar paste: since 2013
  • Fish spread: since 2014
  • Frozen Shrimp: since 2008
  • Fish mince: since 2014
  • Red caviar: perspective
  • Frozen seafood: perspective
  • Red fish preserves: perspective
  • Fish snacks: perspective

«Vodny Mir®» - Product Range:

  • Surimi Products:

- Frozen crab sticks (up to 20 SKU);

- Chilled crab sticks (up to 10 SKU);

- Crab sticks for beer (1 SKU);

- «Sticks» with crab meat and squid meat (2 SKU);

- Private labels (32 SKU).

  • Frozen shrimps (4  SKU)
  • Fish and seafood preseves:

- Herring (4 SKU);

- Seafood in plastic packaging (8 SKU);

- Seafood in glass jars (5 SKU);

- Private label (2 SKU)

  • Spreads:

- Capelin caviar (6 SKU);

- Fish paste (3 SKU);

- Caviar paste (2 SKU);

- Private label (12 SKU).

Given Ukraine's rapprochement with the European Union, the signing of the Association and the need for further integration into EU markets, «Vodny Mir®» plans to create effective cooperation with companies in EU for the supply of products produced in Ukraine.

Our Trademarks are known to consumers in Ukraine for producing high quality food products. High quality is a top priority in design and manufacture of all types of products that we produce to market.

Cooperation in the production of private labels is also possible, have experience of cooperation with international network Auchan.

We hope that our products will be interesting for the EU buyers.

Mr. Serhiy Polis’kyi - General Director

Phone/Fax: +38 (0482) 36-53-03

Company registration code: 33798852

Web-site: www.vodnyj-mir.ua

Contact person: Mr. Serhiy Tsybulev - Export manager (Mobile: +38 (050) 336-48-76, E-mail: chief_ved@vodnyj-mir.ua, Skype: chief_export.vm) 

Limited Liability Company «Waiz»

«Waiz» LLC produces equipment for food industry on its own facilities and production areas: corn snacks fully automatic production and packaging lines; instant cereals production line; packaging machines UAFU-WAIZ; extruder EKP-250; inclined bucket conveyor; roaster; mixer. «Waiz» LLC uses certificate of conformity CE.

Equipment is sold on the domestic market of Ukraine and abroad. Companies in Poland, USA, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Algeria, Turkmenistan, Armenia operate and make profit on the «Waiz» LLC equipment.

Using the equipment of own production, «Waiz» LLC produces a wide range of products (baby food, instant cereals, corn puffs/ball also glazed), that are sold successfully in major retail chains in Ukraine.

Baby food range: 2 and 4 cereals mix, corn, rice, buckwheat, semolina. All products are based on dairy-free extruded cereals, gluten-free, easily digestible, especially recommended for children suffering diathesis and do not require cooking.

Instant cereals (18 species) include: monocereal, multicereals, fortified, with addition of natural skim milk, sugar, dried fruits. All products are non-GMO, w/o adding colors, flavors, preservatives and other harmful additives.

It necessary to admit that in 2009 «Waiz» LLC has received international certificates of the European Union: «Food safety management system» (HACCP) ISO22000: 2007, «Food safety management system» according to State Standards of Ukraine 4161-2003, «Quality Management System» ISO 9001:2001.

Dnipropetrovs’k Food Company «Waiz» LLC is interested in export of its equipment and production. Company is looking for potential contractors.

Mr. Serhiy Nazarenko - Director

Mailing address: 10 Sobinova Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49083 Ukraine

Company registration code: 14354983

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 725-12-77

E-mail: nazaren.sergey@gmail.com

Web-site: www.waiz.com.ua

Contact person: Mr. Serhiy Nazarenko - Director

«Waiz» LLC has subsidiary company «Ola-PPHU LTD» (2002) in EU, Poland:

Mailing address: 62, Kasprowicza str. # 16, 01-871 Warsaw, Poland

Phone/fax: +48 693 220 265

E-mail: foodextrusion@gmail.com

Web-site: http://foodextrusion.eu/en/

Contact person: Mr. Andriy Nazarenko - General Director

Limited Liability Company «Vitan»

Limited Liability Company «Vitan» (LLC «Vitan») was established in 2002. Before it was part of Dniprovs'k Starch Plant, which is located in Dnipropetrovs'k region, Ukraine. Shop for production of B-carotene was built in 1978 – 1981.

The company specializes in producing of products and other matters by microbiological synthesis. These products include, above all, preparations of beta-carotene, intended for use in food, forage for livestock, and other industries.

Product type for export, harmonized code: natural carotenoid biomass (3203001000).

Mr. Volodymyr Horchakov - Director

Mailing address: 10-A Kyivs’ka Str., P.O. Box 50, Dniprovs’ky urban-type settlement, Verkhn’odniprovs’k district, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51650 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 32128359

Phone/fax: +38 (05658) 4-47-80

E-mail: vitan@vitan.ua

Contact person: Mr. Mykyta Hrubov – Financial Director

Limited Liability Company «ACC»

The company «ACC» LLC was founded in 2000 and is an ambitious and highly professional company. During its existence, the company has made a step in the development of the food industry in Ukraine and shows stability in the ever-increasing performance in terms of production and sales of a wide range of tomato paste and sauces in consumer packaging. Quality raw materials and advanced technology allow the company to bring to the attention of consumers high quality products at fairly prices.

LLC «ACC» provides consumers with products under the Trademark «Pomidora». TM «Pomidora» - is not only a wide range of tomato paste and sauces, it is also a high quality of product, reasonable price and unforgettable taste.

Today, Trademark «Pomidora» is a wide range of tomato paste, sauces, ketchups and mayonnaises.

Natural and high quality materials, unique recipes and innovative technologies are the key to high quality products, reasonable prices and unforgettable taste.

TM «Pomidora» is one of the leading producers of tomato paste, sauces, ketchups and mayonnaises in Ukraine.

TM «Pomidora» repeatedly awarded in various categories. There are diplomas and cup of the winner of the Presidential Award «Best domestic producers» 2011-2013.

Since 2012, TM «Pomidora» export markets are Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Estonia, Armenia and Israel. Potential export markets are Europe, Asia and the USA.

UCCFE Acode: ketchup (21031000), sauces (21032000), mayonnaise sauce (21039090).

Mr. Andriy Nikitin - Director

Mailing address: 1-A Molodizhna Str., Shyroke village, Kryvyi Rih district, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 53070 Ukraine

Company registration code: 30260000

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 477-26-20 (12) / +38 (056) 477-25-45

E-mail: office@pomidora.commarketolog@pomidora.com

Web-site: www.pomidora.com

Limited Liability Company «ALAN»

Meat-processing enterprise «ALAN» LLC 15 years on the market, known on the market of Ukraine as the producer of high quality sausage products and meat delicatessen, pork meat and offals,  marketed all over Ukraine.

High quality characterof products of our enterprise is the number of diplomas and awards received at All-Ukrainian and International specialized exhibitions:«SMAK» (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007), «EKATERINOSLAV FAIR» (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008), «AGRO» (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010), «SOROCHYNSK FAIR» (2006, 2007, 2008), «World Food Ukraine» «Gold medal of quality» received from the international commission of quality control (2008, 2013), stated in «The Book of Records of Ukraine» (2009), «The Quality Mark» (2011, 2012, 2013).

All products are certified and have confirming quality documents: Quality Certificate, Veterinary Certificate.

Quality management system ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP that provides reliable security and quality of products was implemented and applied on our enterprise.

The main products of company:

  • raw-smoked sausage and cooked sausage of premium quality;
  • cooked sausages and cooked linked sausages of premium quality;
  • meat raw materials;
  • pork offals;
  • 1st and 2nd pork carcass class.

Mr. Volodymyr Krykhta Director

Mailing address: 26 Startova Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49041 Ukraine

Company registration code: 24447183

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 777-18-43

E-mail: trade@alan.ua

Web-site: www.alan.ua

Contact person: Mr. Viktor Frolkov - Manager of Foreign Trade Department (Mobile: +38 (067) 334-45-31, +38 (066) 826-64-77, E-mail: frolkov@ukr.net)

Limited Liability Company «MEGANOM–AP»

Our company, «Meganom-AP» LLC has experience in distribution of honey since 2006.

Our aim is to promote Ukrainian honey, especially the most widespread type of it - sunflower.

We offer natural honey of Ukrainian origin, crop 2014, Ukrainian National Standard No.4497:2005.

Product: Natural honey, trade mark «Prostomed».

Shipments:By lots (3000 – 21000 kg each).


  • Extracted honey: in 200, 400 or 700 gram original polypropylene (PP) containers, 18, 12 or 6 pcs. in each carton accordingly;
  • Wholesale homogenized: in 15 to 40 kg PP buckets  and in 290 kg metal food barrels;
  • Cut comb honey: in 125, 250 or 300 gram original PP containers; 24, 12 or 12 pcs. in each carton accordingly.

Marking: Upon customer’s requirements.

Delivery terms: FCA Kryvyi Rih or DAT place of delivery.

Delivery period: no more then 30 days upon signing the contract.

Supplementary information: Normal volume of deliveries: 10-40 tons per month. Routine shipments to Germany, France, Republic of Belarus, and Russian Federation: in 200, 400 or 700 gram or 15, 28 polypropylene containers and in 300 kgfood barrels, share of the market in Belarus - about 30% of packed honey; our company is enrolled in the list of Ukrainian exporters of honey. Our cut comb honey won the gold medal at the WBA Apimondia 2013.

We accept payment in any currency. Any packing on customer’s request. Ready to deliver homogenized honey parties up to 21 tons with increased requirements on moisture, HMF, the content of pollutants.

Honey is tested in our production lab, veterinary laboratory in Dnipropetrovs’k, QSI in Bremen on such indicators: toxic elements (lead, arsenic, cadmium, pesticides), residues of antibiotic and veterinary drugs, water content, content of reducing sugars, diastase, HMF, radionuclides (cesium, strontium), contaminations.

Shipping documents: cargo custom declaration, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, certificate of quality, regulated laboratory test report, veterinary certificate, CMR, TIR.

Mr. Anatoliy Saltan - General Director

Mailing address: 12 Okruzhna Str., Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 50025 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 33179011

Web-site: http://prostomed.com.ua

Contact person: Ms. Tatyana Taran - International Trade Manager (Mobile: +38 (063) 185-03-92, +38 (063) 185-03-90; E-mail: prostomed@ukr.net)

Limited Liability Company «Privolnyans’k grain procurement enterprise»

«Privolnyans’k grain procurement enterprise» LLC produces and realized wheat flour of the extra and first-class grade.

The flour is produced using the modern Danish equipment at own mill complex. Our flour features high quality properties.

Quality properties of the extra grade meal (according to the GST 46.004-99):

  • Flour color not less 60 c.u.;
  • Gluten flour not less 35 %;
  • Protein 12%
  • Flour ash content 0,50 %;
  • Moisture not more 13,5 %.

Quality properties of the first-class grade meal (according to the GST 46.004-99):

  • Flour color not less 50 c.u.;
  • Gluten flour not less 26 %;
  • Protein 12,3%
  • Moisture not more 13,5 %.

Deliveries are carried out by lots according to the contractual schedule.

The possible delivery terms: FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT.

Shipment capabilities:

  • The Extra grade – up to 800 tons per month; the first-class 400 tons per month.
  • Packing: bag of 50 kg, bag of 25 kg,
  • Container shipments are possible.

The products of «Privolnyans’k grain procurement enterprise» LLC are the optimum quality-to-price ratio. Certification, guarantee.

Mr. Serhiy Kryshtop – General Director

Mailing address: 1 Shoseyna Str., Zhdanove village, Solonyans’k district, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 52405 Ukraine

Company registration code: 36244507

Phone/Fax: +38 (05669) 6-41-86

Mobile: +38 (067) 565-92-50, +38 (067) 523-59-72

E-Mail: privolnoe@gmail.com

«Pasta Factory Bushtruk Ltd.»

Production Enterprise «Kyiv-Mix» on Ukrainian market since 1997. Pasta made on 6 lines of foreign equipment (Italy, France) according to the classical technology. The products are made of high-quality soft wheat premium class, B group.

Ingredients: high-quality wheat flour, clean spring water. Wheat extra class, B group.

Without dyes and additives.

Contains vitamins: B1, B2, PP.

Each month we produce more than 1,000 tons of finished products and distribute to 24 regions of Ukraine. Our pasta is of an excellent quality, what Ukrainian consumers confirm. Company produce the most popular types of pasta among Ukrainian buyers: «Tubes», «Feathers», «Spirals», «Springs», «Turtles», «vermicelli», «horns», «Worm» and others.

Products are confirmed by Ukrainian and International quality certificates ISO 7043, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2007.

Mr. Ivan Nazaryuk - Acting Director

Mailing address2 Pryvokzal’na Str., Yelyzarove village, Solonyans’k district, Dnipropetrovs’k region, Dnipropetrovs’k, 52433 Ukraine

Company registration code: 20253430

Phone: +38 (097) 906-70-64

E-Mail: pasta.ukraine@gmail.com

Web-site: www.kiev-mix.com.ua

Contact person: Ms. Maryna Tarasova - Export Manager

Limited Liability Company «Rodnoy Product»

«Rodnoy Product» is in the top 3 of leading consumer goods producers on Ukrainian market.

The history of the Company «Rodnoy Product» began in 1998. During the period of formation and development its activities were to pack cereals, sugar and flour. As far as it developed, the Company purchased its own equipment for processing grains, thus started its independent activities related to the processing of grain.

Our company offers its partners different forms of cooperation - selling of packed products of our own brands, production of private label packaged products, selling flour, cereals, rice, pasta made of soft and durum wheat by weight.

The range of our products is represented by TM «Khutorok», TM «Khutorok Pansky», TM «Zolotoy Urozhay», TM «LaPasta». Also «Rodnoy product» has long and successful cooperation with leading retail chains such as Auchan, Metro, Brusnichka, Novus, Varus in the field of manufacturing private label products for them. Each year these products are audited by mentioned companies and successfully pass all quality tests.

You can find more detailed information at web-site http://www.rodnoyproduct.com.ua.

The company’s products are represented throughout Ukraine in all sales channels - retail, wholesale, national and local chains. Distribution coverage is carried out by our own distribution network of 45 branches and local external distributors.

We established direct supply from the production areas to the largest retail chains (ATB, Metro, Auchan, NOVUS, Varus, Silpo, Expansion, Billa, and Caravan).

Also worth noting that our company is one of three major importers of rice in Ukraine. Delivery is organized directly from the largest producers of rice in Pakistan, Vietnam, India, and Thailand.

«Rodnoy Product» determines export sales of packaged products and flour, cereals and pasta in bulk as one of the priority directions for today.

Mr. Yuriy Syvoraksha – Director

Mailing address: P.O.Box 25, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49074 Ukraine

Company registration code: 34560700

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 736-22-80

E-Mail: office@rodnoyproduct.com

Web-site: www.rodnoyproduct.com.ua

Contact person: Mr. Oleksiy Solodov – Export Manager (Mobile: +38 (067) 633-87-97, E-mail: export@dcci.org.ua, Skype: solodov_online)

Trading House ATK Ukraine LLC

Trading House ATK Ukraine LLC would like to offer you bees honey (wild grasses and sunflower), packed in 200 kg food grade barrel, for sale on a constant basis.

Our possible conditions are as follows: FCA/CPT/DDU EU.

We can provide you with certified chemical and physical analysis, honey sample to test it at your EU-laboratory.

Please, send your specifications to provide us your additional requirements.

Ms. Larysa Nozhnikova – Director

Mailing address: P.O.Box 424, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49005 Ukraine

Company registration code: 39090479

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 726-76-61

E-Mail: ved-2@atk-ua.com

Web-site: http://atk-ua.com

Contact person: Mr. Dmytro Bushmanov - Import/Export Manager (Mobile: +38 (067) 556-29-09, Skype: atkimport)

«Agropromservice» Private Enterprise

«Agropromservice» Private Enterprise works in the market of grocery and snack products since 2011. During this period the company has established itself as a reliable supplier of quality food for reasonable prices.

For production the company uses raw materials of high and proven quality in own production and reasonable price is the result of a skillful and modern approach to business. The company’s products can be produced both under own brands of the enterprise and under the Private Label.

The employees of the company have extensive experience in organizing supply to the largest network in Ukraine. «Agropromservice» Private Enterprise cooperates with «ATB-market», «FozzyGroup», «Varus», «Brusnichka», as well as many other distribution companies and retail chains.

The benefits of cooperation with «Agropromservice» Private Enterprise are:

  • Сarrying-out a multi-level quality control;
  • The use of high quality raw materials;
  • Enabling deferred payment;
  • Flexible product supply;
  • Product complies with Ukrainian standards (DSTU);
  • Provision of promotional materials;
  • Convenient packing for further transportation and storage;
  • Consulting Support.

Company Presentation

Mr. Dmytro Bilyns’kyy Director

Mailing address: 1-B Kursants’ka Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49051 Ukraine

Company registration code: 32887438

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 731-96-29, 731-96-30

E-Mail: office@apstrade.com.ua, t.mosiychuk@apstrade.com.ua

Web-site: http://apstrade.com.ua/en/

Contact person: Ms. Tetyana Moseychuk - Director of Export and Development Department (Mobile: +38 (067) 530-52-52)

Limited Liability Company «PRODEX GROUP»

«PRODEX GROUP» LLC is interested in export wholesale supplies of walnut kernels of the Ukrainian origin to international markets.

Product characteristics: walnut kernels without shell of light color, in the form of a kernel halve («butterfly») 95% of the total quantity, 1 st grade under GOST 16833-71, with a moisture content of 6-7%.

Packaging of goods: cardboard box containing 10 kg of walnut kernels.

Minimum quantity delivery - 20t, on customer’s demand the content is accompanied by a certificate of toxins in crop production as well as by a quality conformity certificate, certificate of origin, conclusions of the Sanitary & Epidemiological Station (SES), phyto sanitary and other documents confirming the quality and safety of goods.

Volume of delivery: up to 120t per month.

Terms of delivery: FOB, Odessa, if necessary - CIF, CFR or other.

Mr. Anton Kuz’min - Director

Mailing address: 1-A Klary Tsetkin Str., rooms No. 42-43, 45-46, 48, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49005 Ukraine

Company registration code: 40178194

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 375-43-22

E-Mail: kuzmin.anton@prodex-group.com.ua

Contact person: Mr. Anton Kuz’min - Director

Freight services and transport equipment

State Enterprise «Dnipropetrovs’k scientific-and-production complex Elektrovozobuduvannya»

The general partner of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce and Industry State Enterprise «Dnipropetrovs’k scientific-and-production complex Elektrovozobuduvannya» (SE «SPC «Elektrovozobuduvannya») actively searches partners.

SE «SPC «Elektrovozobuduvannya» - is an Ukrainian enterprise engaged in production and realization of traction aggregates, mainline and mine electric locomotives; owns ample technical and technological capacities for production electric railway transport and carries out all kinds of production activities that are necessary for electric locomotives production (http://devs.com.ua). The enterprise was founded in 1934.

In 1958 the works organized production of traction aggregates for quarries, that nowadays are successfully used at mining-and-processing integrated works of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

In pursuance of the State program, the specialist soft he enterprise together with «SIEMENS» developed the all-purpose cargo and passenger electric locomotive that is operated by DC, type DSZ, in 2002 there had been produced the prototype of the electric locomotive. Till now there are built 18 of main line DC electric locomotives DSZ with asynchronous motor drive. The locomotives DSZ in many aspects surpass all types of electric locomotives used in Ukraine.

Since 2004 the enterprise introduces and maintains the Quality management system ISO 9001-2001.

SE «SPC «Elektrovozobuduvannya» offers cooperation in the following fields of activities:

  • Mechanical works;
  • Casting of ferrous and nonferrous metals;
  • Forging by the method of hammer forging and warm forming;
  • Parts electroplating on zinc, tin, chromium;
  • Production of springs of diameter of 5-45 mm with expanded length of up to 6000 mm;
  • Stamping of ferrous and nonferrous metal sheet (plate thickness up to 6 mm inclusive).

Mr. Oleksandr Zel’din - Director

Mailing address: 13 Orbital’na Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49068 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 32495626

Phone/fax: +38 (0562) 36-06-72

E-Mail: director.devz@mail.ru

Web-site: http://devs.com.ua

Contact person: Ms. Yuliya Zinchenko (Phone: +38 (056) 371-16-58, E-mail: iulia.devz@mail.ru)

Public Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’k Plant for Repair and Building of Passenger Cars»

The general partner of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce andIndustry Public Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’k Plant for Repair and Building of Passenger Cars» - major repairs and sale of passenger carriages, building of freight carriages, creation of coproduction.

Mr. Leonid Taslyts’kyi – General Director

Mailing address10 Universal’na Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49024 Ukraine  

Company registration code: 00554514

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 726-47-58, +38 (056) 726-47-68

E-Mail: main@dvrb.dp.ua

Web-site: www.dvrb.dp.ua

Contact person: Mr. Oleksandr Kosenko - Marketing Director (Phone: +38 (056)-376-40-38, E-mail: kosenko@dvrb.dp.ua)

Public Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’ky Strilotchny Zavod»

The general partner of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce and Industry Public Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’ky Strilotchny Zavod» (PJSC «DnSZ») is specialized in production of Permanent Way elements including the turnouts of type R65, R50, R43, UIC60, 49E1 of the wide gauges (1520, 1524 mm) and narrow gauges (1435, 900, 750 mm) with electronic and manual switch devices, diamonds of various marks, for main railways, for the transport of industrial enterprises, mines, open pits, underground railways (CNFT code 86080000).  In particular it is possible to manufacture the individual parts and units for the turnouts and diamonds (individual frogs, stock rails and tongues in the assembly, plates with spike fastening (SDL), plates with concrete sleepers fastening (KBL), flanged plates with screw fastening (SKL), plates for the screw separate fastening with canting (KDL) and etc.

The turnout component parts are separate frogs, monoblocks and  crossing noses, which are casted from steel 110H13с (Hadfield steel, cast, average carbon content is 1.1%, average manganese content is 13%) according to the no-bake technology on the Italian  automatic IMF molding line.

Years of experience in manufacturing of these products has achieved the maximum wear resistance and quality.

Today, the company also mastered and successfully implemented the production made of steel 110H13с (no-bake technology on the Italian  automatic IMF molding line) for mining industry:

  • crushing plates for jaw crushers SMD (stationary crusher machine), SM (stationary machine), DRO;
  • linings and armors for different types of mills;
  • bucket teeth for excavators EKG-5A (pit tracked excavator), EKG-8I (pit tracked excavator). 

We have an extensive experience in manufacturing of crushing plates for imported crushers Metso Minerals C, Komatsu BR 580JG-1; BR 380JG-1, etc.

We also have the opportunity to manufacture from the steel 110H13с of the following products for tram railways:

  • Frog, type Tv-65 R 31534 (length – 2437, width – 563);
  • Grooved casted rail,  type Tv-65 (L=4000 with joint holes on the one end).

Steel casting workshop #2 in addition to the turnout component units manufactures carbon steel products (steel grade 20L-35L, average carbon content – 0.2%-0,35%) for the rail transport as following list:

Permanent way materials:

Casted plates: KBL 65, SDL 65, SKL 65, KDL 65, KBL 50, SDL 50, SKL 50, DL 43 (spike fastening with canting for rail R43),  SKL 49, SKL 60 ( for rail UIC 60);

  • Joint Butt plate: for rail type R43, for tram rail type 62;
  • Clips: PKL ( for separate fastening on the plates with high flange);
  • Fastenings for curved sectors SKD 65.

Tram railways:

  • Outside casted butt plate – NZL (length – 640, width -137.15, thickness - 42);
  • Inside casted butt plate – NVL (length – 640, width - 115.35, thickness  - 42).

Wagon casting:

  • Triangle pad, drawing № 100.40.008-2;
  • Worm sector (without mechanical treatment), drawing № 0000.20.15;
  • Fixing bracket, drawing № 106.00.008-1;
  • Support bracket, drawing № 4012.02.276; 
  • A hook, drawing №757.45.035.

Supplying demands of the Ukrainian market, the enterprise exports its products to all CIS countries. The switches produced in Dnipropetrovs’k Railway Switch Plant are successfully operated in Cuba, Mongolia, Syria, Guinea, Pakistan, Iraque, Vietnam, Bulgaria, India, Iran and Turkey.

Plant production is certified  in system of certification of  UKRSEPRO, certificates are issued by DOSZhT (State Enterprise «Dnipropetrovs’k certification body of the rail transport»)  and in the certification Register on Federal railway transport Ministries of Railways of the Russian Federation, certificates are issued by FBU «RS FZT» (Federal Budget Institution «Register certification by the federal railways»). Every year the enterprise confirms the product certificate compliance.  As well the quality management system is implemented and works in the plant according to DSTU ISO 9001:2009 № UA 2.099.07610-13 registered in system of certification of UKRSEPRO, (given April 02, 2013 valid until April 01, 2018) and according ISO 9001:2008 № 44 100 101 328 and registered in TUV NORD CERT ( German) (given August 30, 2013, valid until August 20, 2016).

The enterprise has a certified laboratory that allows careful express control of the products chemical composition for compliance with state standards (GOST) and specifications (TU). Products are provided with quality certificate.

For more detailed information please visit the Internet website of the company: http://dsz.dp.ua

The production base of the enterprise has the ability to increase capacity and meet the needs of the most demanding customers. So, now the plant is focused on increasing of the supply volume to the countries of Europe, CIS, China and other countries that are focused on improving the network of railway traffic.

Welcome to fruitful cooperation. The PJSC «DnSZ» Design department with qualified specialists can develop a project according with buyer`s order and the enterprise performs all customer requirements. The Model outfit is manufactured on the modern equipment with software using.

Catalogue of the turnout production (http://dsz.dp.ua/ru/katalog_produktcii/ in Russian, http://dsz.dp.ua/en/katalog_produktcii/ in English).

Mr. Serhiy Taranenko Chairman of the Board – General Director

Mailing address: 181 Bilostots’koho Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49098 Ukraine

Company registration code: 14367980

Phone: + 38 (0562) 38-44-64

Fax: +38 (056) 790-21-23

E-Mail: sbyt2@dsz.dp.ua

Web-site: http://dsz.dp.ua

Contact person: Ms. Nataliya Shevtsova - Head for Sale & Marketing Department

Public Joint Stock Company «Dniprovagonmash»

Public Joint Stock Company «Dniprovagonmash» is one of the leading enterprises in Ukraine and CIS countries in designing and manufacturing of freight wagons for main railways and various industries.

Sales markets: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, Africa and the Middle East.

Has no experience of supply to EU countries.

Types of products that will be exported:

  • gondola cars (code 8606 92 000);
  • universal flat cars and flat cars for containers (code 8606 99 000);
  • hopper cars for grain, cement, fertilizer, etc. (code 8606 30 00 00);
  • dumpcars (code 8606 30 00 00);
  • universal covered cars (code 8606 91 80 00);
  • tank cars (code 8606 10 00 00);
  • bogies of freight wagons (code 8607 12 00 00);
  • containers for collecting, storage, transportation of bulk, not briquetted nonradiative    goods (code 8609 00 90 00).

Also we are interested in cooperation – manufacturing by PJSC «Dniprovagonmash» any welded steel structures (in accordance with individual customer requirements) and subsequent delivery to the foreign companies for the final assembly of products.

Quality Management System and products of PJSC «Dneprovagonmash» corresponds to the requirements of ISO 9001 and certified in UkrSEPRO (Ukraine) and SSZHT (Russian Federation).

The company is working on obtaining a certificate of conformity to the International Railway Industry Standard IRIS.

PJSC «Dniprovagonmash» also is considering the opportunity to supply production according to regulatory requirements of the European Union.

Mr. Andriy Kobylyakov - General Director

Mailing address: 4 Ukrayins’ka Str., Dniprodzerzhyns’k, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51925 Ukraine

Company registration code: 05669819

Phone: +38 (0569) 51-59-67, +38 (05692) 3-30-46, 3-22-42

Fax: +38 (05692) 3-26-38, 3-36-04

E-Mail: shubert@dvmash.bizsales@dvmash.biz

Web-site: http://dvmash.biz

Contact person: Mr. Eduard Shubert - Head of Marketing Department

Private Joint Stock Company «Ukrenergoremont»

Private Joint Stock Company «Ukrenergoremont» (PJSC «Ukrenergoremont») was established in March 1995 and specializes in the supply of components and spare parts for diesel engines of locomotives and railway rolling stock equipment, being the official dealer of State Enteprise «Malyshev Plant» (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Turbonasos» (Voronezh, Russian Federation), JSC «Penzdizelmash» (Russian Federation). In 2008 PJSC «Ukrenergoremont» established its production bases, which include modern milling and boring machines (manufactured by «SPINNER», Germany) as well as turning (manufactured by DMG «GILDEMEISTER», Germany) machining centres, equipment for turning, milling, boring, grinding, broaching, gear-hobbing, profile and heat treatment of metals. This equipment allows for handling parts such as bodies of rotation of maximum diameter Ø max 630 mm and length L max 2800 mm, as well as body parts having a maximum size of 860 mm × 610 mm × 500 mm with an accuracy of processing 6÷14 qualitet. Our company employs highly skilled technicians and workers. Quality management system in PJSC «Ukrenergoremont» is certified and complies with the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001:2009.

Currently the company manufactures component assemblies and parts for diesel engines of locomotives and railway rolling stock equipment, energy and pumping equipment, vehicles and also tools for pipe rolling production. The main consumers of products manufactured by PJSC «Ukrenergoremont» are SE «Malyshev Plant» (Kharkiv, Ukraine), JSC «Yaroslavl Wagon Repair Plant «Remputmash» (Yaroslavl, Russian Federation), Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Turbonasos» (Voronezh, Russian Federation), State Scientific and Production Association «FORT» (Vinnitsa, Ukraine), PJSC «Dnipropetrovsk Locomotive Plant» (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine), PJSC «Centravis Production Ukraine» (Nikopol, Ukraine), as well as the enterprises of «Ukrainian Railways» and the enterprises of mining and metallurgical complex, etc.

Images of typical products manufactured by PJSC «Ukrenergoremont»:

  • Energy accumulator;
  • Pneumocylinders 770.05.010СБ, 770.06.300СБ;
  • Pneumocylinders of control units;
  • Coupling 2981.01.03.150СБ;
  • Bearing unit 2981.01.03.100СБ;
  • Sprockets 2981.01.03.102, 2981.01.03.001, 2981.06.004, 2981.06.008, 2981.01.08.201;
  • Carter;
  • 2 and 3-way sliding valves 770.08.060СБ, 770.08.050СБ;
  • Lashing С3800;
  • Cover of ball valves control unit;
  • Plug coupler of ball valves control unit;
  • Frames of aviation units;
  • Straightening apparatus for oil pump;
  • Directing apparatus for oil pump;
  • Stator cover for oil pump;
  • Impeller for oil pump;
  • Pistons 1-5Д49.22.1Сб, 2-5Д49.22.1Сб for diesels of locomotives;
  • The intake and exhaust valves Д50.09.009, Д50.09.010 for diesels of locomotives;
  • Levers 3А-6Д49.92.4 СБ-2,  Д49.78.6СБ for gas distribution mechanism in diesels of locomotives;
  • Thrust and radial bearing 3409.00.110СБ;
  • Hydropusher Д49.78.8СБ-1;
  • Indicator cock 6Д49.87СБ;
  • Injector holder;
  • Piston pin 5Д49.17.06-3;
  • Piston pin Д67.08.43.00СБ;
  • Torsion shaft 10.Д100.08.100 and interconnecting shaft 9 Д 100.37.141;
  • The upper shaft Д 100.08.005-3;
  • The lower shaft Д 100.08.057-4;
  • The drive shaft 2 Д 50.34.006;
  • Guide bushing 5 Д 49.78.04;
  • Chamfering countersink for pipe production;
  • Roller for pipe rolling machine;
  • Needle for pipe rolling

Mr. Yuriy Siroklin – General Director 

Mailing address: 37-B 10-Richchya Zhovtnya Str., Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 50004 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 21888124

Phone/fax: +38 (0564) 903-456, +38 (0564) 903-602

E-Mail: remont@cabletv.dp.ua

Web-site: www.ukrenergoremont.com.ua

Private Enterprise «UkrTechProm»

«UkrTechProm» PE, Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine works for more than twenty years in the field of tyres production and deliveries of wide range for motor cars, trucks, light-duty trucks, buses, trolleybuses, minibuses, for agricultural and purpose-built machinery to the Ukrainian and foreign customers.

Since 2009 «UkrTechProm» PE together with «Rosava» Private JSC have produced nine agricultural and trucks tyre types and sizes on modern equipment with advanced technologies use and applications providing optimal quality-cost balance. Tyres are manufactured according to norms of Ukrainian standards and technical conditions. Quality management system of «Rosava» Private JSC complies with demands of  ISO 9001:2008.

Owing to reliability, durability and comfort tyres gained high reputation both in the local and world market.

We provide prompt fulfillment of the Customers orders under beneficial terms and conditions.

Mr. Borys Moiseyenko – Founder, Ms. Maryna Shkalykova - Deputy Director

Mailing address: 2 Matlakhova Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000 Ukraine

Company registration code: 30392599

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 370-58-81, +38 (056) 370-58-83

E-mail: utp@utp.com.ua

Web-site: www.utp.com.ua

Limited Liability Company «DEKTI»

«DEKTI» LLC - the International forwarding agent, rendering services on service intercontinental container, automobile and the air transportations, providing optimal and most profitable complex of services in any direction.

We will take away a cargo directly from your doors and will deliver it in any parts of the world to the optimal path.

During organization the international transportations our collective DEKTI leans on the professional knowledge and experience, applying the adjusted communications with the various transport companies.

We give for our clients full model IT outsourcing.

Benefits from such cooperation:

  • Quaranteed quality (Outsourcing IT-company has in the staff highly skilled, checked up in fight experts);
  • Economy of time (we it is had necessary technologies, experts, an infrastructure);
  • Economy of means (cost of services on Outsourcing IT much below, than expenses for construction of own IT-structure).

Within limits of services of outsourcing «DEKTI» LLC offers a universal package of forwarding services:

  • Operative granting of a competitive package of rates (the tariff/transit time) in directions interesting you;
  • Tracking of readiness of a cargo in a warehouse consignor of goods;
  • Nominating of a vessel, the car, the plane under your cargoes;
  • The notice on date of an output of your cargoes;
  • Granting of a draft of the consignment in current of 2-3 days from the moment of an output of your cargo;
  • Tracking of a cargo during all way.

Within limits of services of outsourcing «DEKTI» LLC offers a universal package of forwarding services:

  • Delivery of container, general, oversized and superheavy cargoes;
  • Delivery of cargoes from a door up to a door;
  • The advanced decisions on the organization of logistics and delivery of cargoes;
  • The fixed tariffs excluding any additional charges;
  • A guarantee of our competence and high quality of service.

«DEKTI» LLC offers competitive rates on transportations of cargoes in containers by sea, air, railway and motor transport, and high-quality service.

The long-term operational experience in transport-forwarding business has allowed us to establish close partner attitudes practically with all learning carries.

Priority in work of collective of the company «DEKTI» LLC is constant improvement of quality of service at essential decrease in expenses of clients.

The Company is a member of AIFFU, DCCI.

Mr. Ihor Tkachuk – Director

Mailing address20 Startova Str., office 221, floor 2, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49041 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 33475509

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 372-17-07 / +38 (056) 372-72-70

E-Mail: dekti@dekti.dp.ua

Web-site: www.dekti.dp.ua

Limited Liability Company «Scientific Industrial Complex Dniprospetsmash»

LLC «Scientific Industrial Complex Dniprospetsmash», the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of machines for railroad construction and maintenance, offers its recent development - heavy-duty multifunction track motor vehicle AD-01 for ancillary jobs in the course of track and overhead lines installation, maintenance and repair.

Technical characteristics:

  • a large selection of attached equipment (hydraulic loader cranes with clamshell buskets/heavy duty universal baskets, orange peel grapples, augers, workman baskets etc.) and accessories available, adapted to railway track conditions, both original and made by the world known manufacturers (Palfinger (Austria) etc.);
  • diesel engine (Cummins (USA));
  • hydrodynamic transmission (Voith (Germany));
  • a unique system of cab cushioning based on composite antivibration pad;
  • the triaxial vehicle capable of going round sharp radius curves;
  • adjusted for heavy-duty lifting equipment;
  • CAD design in accordance with up-to-date methodological base;
  • can be equipped with a specially designed towed platform for all-round use (load carrying capacity – 20 tons, supplied with self-dumping hydraulic body and adjusted for transportation of piece (rails up to 25 meters, other railroad track elements) and bulked load; on request: autonomous diesel generator set, overhead contact system de-icing mechanism or any attached equipment at the customer’s option;
  • can be customized on request.

Application field:

  • transportation and loading in the course of overhead wire installation, maintenance and repair (installation and building foundation for catenary supports; replacement and repair of overhead contact line elements without causing major disruptions to ongoing train operations);
  • fast simultaneous transportation of men (up to 30 people) and material (piece and bulked load up to 10 tons) to the worksite;
  • loading of railroad track elements;
  • traction rolling stock for shunting operations (towing capacity - up to 300 tons);
  • snow clearing vehicle.

Service and Training:

  • one-year guarantee;
  • expert technical advice and support;
  • the supply of spare parts and wearing parts;
  • the training centre in Dnipropetrovsk for practical and theoretical preparation of the staff for operation on the vehicle (operators and maintenance staff);
  • extensive technical documentation;
  • servicing and overhauling work by the maintenance crew.

Mr. Oleksandr Ulyts’kyi – Director

Company registration code: 32433631

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 377-92-70

E-Mail: sicdsmash@gmail.com

Web-site: http://dsmash.com

Research and Production Enterprise «RICH» Ltd.

As of today 100% of production capacities of the Research and Production Enterprise «RICH» Ltd. is focused on the production of the spare parts in the field of railway coach manufacturing and repair of passenger carriages and freight wagons.

Research and Production Enterprise «RICH» Ltd. has the high production potential in the field of metalworking production and casting:

  • workshop premises with an area of more than 5000 square meters;
  • high-performance and modern equipment;
  • staff of highly qualified and experienced specialists (more than 300 workers).

Our achievements:

  • 2011 - Research and Production Enterprise «RICH» Ltd. obtained an «UkrSEPRO» Production Certificate, as well as certificates of conformity for the manufactured articles;
  • 2013 - Research and Production Enterprise «RICH» Ltd. as a Ukrainian manufacturer was added to the unified catalogue of the manufacturers of the spare parts for railway transport for CIS countries under register number 1428.

List of manufactured articles for the freight wagons:

  • Friction plate (16 mm);
  • Friction plate (10 mm);
  • Plate (6 mm);
  • Contact panel;
  • Covering plate of the horn gap;
  • Connection clip;
  • Repair plate (6 mm);
  • Repair plate (10 mm);
  • Adjusting shim;
  • Top intermediate bearer plate;
  • Hump brake block holder;
  • Runner of the brake block holder;
  • Coupling bolt SH2B90;
  • Inspection cover;
  • Plate washer;
  • Brake shoe key;
  • Hatch spindle;
  • Brake hanger spindle;
  • Automatic coupling bolt;
  • Pendulum gear.

List of manufactured articles for the passenger carriages:

  • Bolt of the automatic coupling device;
  • Bolt TC – 2 TBSP. 40 x 16x70 (10x40, 10x20);
  • Centering beam;
  • Hump brake block holder;
  • Bottom roller of the countershaft;
  • Roller with washer and nut;
  • Top roller of the countershaft (TEL.KVZ-CNII-1);
  • Bushing of the buffer plate suspension rod (TEL.KVZ-5, KVZ-CNII);
  • Lever transmission roller 26x60, 26x70, 26x72, 26x75, 30x70 30x80, 32x70, 32x72, 32x75, 40x72, 40x80, 40x90, 32x90, 32x111;
  • Roller of the shock absorber holder;
  • Lever transmission roller 30x100, 30x90;
  • Cardan shaft (TRKP);
  • Cardan shaft MAB-2;
  • Nut of the buffer plate suspension rod (TEL.KVZ-5, KVZ-CNII);
  • End nut;
  • Nut with a housing 3469;
  • Nut 40xM10, 40xM16, 40xM20;
  • Ring (FR.T.KVZ-5 and KVZ-CNII);
  • Coupler key;
  • Furnace bar of the boiler 100mm, 130mm;
  • Furnace bar of the boiler 460mm, 500mm;
  • Water circulating pump UP50 (for carriages made in Russia and Germany);
  • Belleville spring 27-20-117 KVZ;
  • Locking plate;
  • Pendulum gear;
  • Gear sector;
  • Frictional socket of the impact absorber (TEL.KVZ-CNII);
  • Horizontal side bearing (TEL.KVZ-CNII);
  • Side bearing of the carriage (TEL.KVZ-CNII);
  • Tubular heating element 110V, 250W, 60V, 250W.

Our equipment:

Thermal cutting machine «Hypertherm» USA

Modern bridge-type machine is designed and suitable for profiled pattern cutting of the sheet metal. High positioning accuracy and high cutting speed along with low operational costs are the major advantages of the thermal cutting machine «Hypertherm». Plasma cutting offers vast opportunities for manufacturing of the nonstandard unique sheet metal items.

Milling machines

Milling machine is a multipurpose tool with multiedged cutting tool designed and suitable for the treatment of flat and profiled surfaces, rotary bodies, gear wheels and other metal blank parts through the use of the milling cutter.

Samsung turning and metal-working workstation with computer numerical control

Metal-working workstation is designed and suitable for the high-accuracy process of combined treatment of the material, turning, thread-cutting and roll-out operations, perforating of nonferrous metal and other industrial commodities.

Samsung represents the most popular turning workstation with computer numerical control, which meets the highest requirements of the present-day production in spite of its small size.

Press-forging equipment

This is a wide range of tools designed and suitable for execution of different kinds of metal-processing operations in the course of die stamping or bulk forming. Main advantage of the press-forging equipment is the unique opportunity for rapid manufacturing of the blank parts, which correspond to the parameters of the end product in size and form and require minor modifications.

Heat-treatment facilities

Main heat-treatment facilities include heat-treatment furnaces and plants, as well as equipment providing various refrigeration conditions. The Enterprise has at its disposal all the equipment necessary for performance of the major heat treatment processes including: bakeout, normalization, hardening, temper.

Hot forging equipment

Hot die forging is used to get forging with homogeneous structure, high accuracy and complex configuration. We use stamping hammers, die-stamping machines, horizontal forging machines, forging rolls and other forging and metal-forming equipment.

Extensive manufacturing capabilities, massive technology opportunities and well-qualified personnel ofResearch and Production Enterprise «RICH» Ltd. provide assurance of reliability and manufacturing quality.

Mr. Roman Donchenko – Director

Mailing address: 9-A Respublikans’ka Str., office 402, Dniprodzerzhyns’k, Dnipropetrovs’k region, Ukraine

Company registration code: 32130221

Phone/Fax:+38 (0569) 53-21-07, inside № 402

Mobile:+38 (067) 562-46-00 (sales)

E-Mail: semik7@list.ru

Web-site: http://ltd-rich.com

Fuel and energy complex

Concern «Souzenergo»

Concern «Souzenergo» - a major pipeline fittings Ukrainian plants, combined in a dynamic concern. Souzenergo for many years successfully producing and delivering high-quality energy and general industrial pipe fittings and optional equipment to the enterprises in different industries of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, the Baltic States and other countries.

There are two plants: Souzenergomach, Llc (Syevyerodonets’k) and Pridneprovskiy repair – mechanical plant, PJSC (Dnipropetrovs'k). Both plants are located in Ukraine. 

In 2008-2010 cooperating with Central Valve Industry Institute, company run the program of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine to develop and implement a production power valves, pressure-reducing desuperheating station, fast-response pressure-reducing and desuperheating station, downstream function -  produced similar list as in  «Sibenergomash», «Chekhov» (Russia).

More information:

Catalogue of products - http://www.souzenergo.com/ru/about/

Priority markets:

Priority markets for pipeline valves are EU countries with developed metallurgy, thermal power, chemical, engineering industry.

According to the original equipment markets for priority are:

  • Thermal electric power stations (TPP), combined heat and power plant (CHPP);
  • Chemical companies.

Supply of non-standard equipment production a priority in countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Product list:

Pipeline fittings:

  • Full range of energy pipe fittings of high pressure and temperature (check valves, protective, controlling valves, impulsing and locking in all sizes);
  • General-purpose steel gate valves DN50-DN 2400 mm; control type flywheel or electric (electric equipment - on request), a pressure of from 1 to 25 atmospheres;
  • General-purpose latches stainless DN50-Du1400 mm; type of management - the flywheel or the drive, a pressure of from 10 to 25 atmospheres;
  • pressure-reducing desuperheating station.

Production of non-standard equipment:

  • Boilers and steam various capacities, surface heating them in steel grades, both domestic and foreign standards;
  • Steam installation of boilers and turbines, their elements (bends, fittings, bearings, suspension, etc.) with a diameter up to 426 mm and wall thickness up to 60 mm (pressure P = 10 ÷ 225 kgf / cm ², the temperature t = 100 ÷ 575 º C ) OST by high and low pressure;
  • Superheaters convective platen of steels of grades of steel, both domestic and international standards, including austenitisation bends and manufacture of composite joints;
  • Various heat exchangers (low-pressure heaters, oil coolers, PSV of all modifications), including the finned tube;
  • Spirals high pressure heaters of all types of pipes;
  • HRSG using finned tube diameters from 22-85 mm, with a height of 10-26 mm tape;
  • Parts and components of industrial steam boilers with steam pressure up to 4.0 MPa;
  • Parts and components of industrial steam boilers with a vapor pressure greater than 4.0 MPa;
  • Elements of conduits with pressure up to 2.2 MPa or more (tees, elbows, reducers, suspension, etc.);
  • Tubular heaters (water and steam-heat exchangers outside diameter of 1200 mm; exchangers "pipe in pipe" single and multi-sectional diameter of up to 300mm, bundles of carbon and austenitic steels);
  • Vessel equipment (deaeratingtanks, vapor cooler, attemperators, air column, hydraulic locks);
  • Expansion device of the thermal displacement (flat-topped, open type, lens).

Experience in export to EU countries:

PJSC «PRMP»: delivery in «TSA-BOLRO» Ltd. (Bulgaria), pipelines details.

Harmonized Custom Tariff Schedule:

Pipeline fittings department: 84811019, 84813091, 84814010, 84818063, 84818085

Energetic and Non-standard equipment department: 84029000, 84195000, 73079399, 84179000, 73089099, 84041000, 73089059.


Concern has permission for the use of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision and certificates of conformity with technical regulations on ROSS UA system in the Russian Federation. Concern is also approved as a provider of corporate NAEC «Energoatom».

All products are certified by UKRSEPRO - ISO 9001:2008 (http://www.souzenergo.com/ru/propucts/sertificat/)

Mr. Oleh Kil’dishov – General Director

Mailing address: 8 Spas’ka Str., Novomoskovs’k, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51200 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 31965106

Phone: +38 (0569) 380-160, +38 (0569) 380-161, +38 (056) 795-15-21

Fax: +38 (0569) 380-164, +38 (056) 795 -15-17

E-Mail: concern@souzenergo.comkvv-tpa@souzenergo.comgaa@souzenergo.com

Web-site: www.souzenergo.com

Contact person: Mr. Oleksiy Lushnykov - Director of Pipeline Fittings Department (Mobile: +38 (067) 632-75-90), Mr. Anatoliy Honcharenko - Director of Energetic and Non-standard Equipment Department (Mobile: +38 (067) 562-66-26)

Limited Liability Company «Dniproenergokomplekt»

«Dniproenergokomplekt» LLC is an enterprise belonging to industrial complex of Ukraine in the sphere of manufacturing, sales, repair and installment of heat-and-power engineering equipment for thermoelectric power stations, heat and power plants, and also for metallurgical sector of economics.

One of the major trends of enterprise’s activity is installment and repair of turbo sets for steam and water-heated boilers, gas pipelines, rotated mechanisms.

The enterprise has a license for maintenance of the activities listed above and permission for specialized types of works.

The enterprise employs qualified personnel including welders, fitters and repairers of boiler and turbine equipment.

Our specialists are participated at the installment on nuclear power plant «Busher» in Iraq, heat and power plant «Frija», Guinea, and have a substantial working experience on the objects in Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Byelorussia, Russia, Ukraine.

The enterprise carries out such utility and integral complex as:

  • sections of boilers air-heaters;
  • spare parts of pipelines;
  • spare parts of boilers’ heating surface;
  • boilers, heat exchangers, air-refrigerants, oil-refrigerants, heaters at thermoelectric power stations and heat and power plants;
  • stop valve, which regulates the safety device of low, average and high pressure;
  • nozzles for boilers’ burners.

Following the drafts of a client different metal constructions can be produced, the same goes to repair, installment, and chemical protective and insulating works of industrial equipment.

«Dniproenergokomplekt» LLC conducts an all-round policy aimed at observance of demands made for every particular kind of enterprise’s activity. This policy has been accepted to form a consumer’s loyalty to our services, our products and the effect of satisfaction. Activities and products of «Dniproenergokomplekt» LLC are supplied to the customers in a full conformity to our advertising and strict demand to chosen standards.

«Dniproenergokomplekt» LLC applies effective mechanisms of material and technical management, production process, accomplishment of performed activities ets.

«Dniproenergokomplekt» LLC accepts business offers for further co-operation.

Mr. Serhiy Parkhomenko Director

Mailing address: 1-B Radyans’kyi By-str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49027 Ukraine

Company registration code: 31379364

Phone/fax: +38 (0562) 36-84-44 / +38 (0562) 36-84-25

E-Mail: dneprokomplekt@ua.fm

Web-site: http://dek-ltd.dp.ua

Contact person: Ms. Maryna Kondratenko - Financial Manager 

Limited Liability Company «Universal Kia»

Self-contained electric heating system

What must the today’s heating system? It creates very pleasant comfort climatic conditions indoor even in the heavy frost, while taking up minimum space and being easy-to-handle. Individual temperature is established in each room, and household budget does not suffer from cost of heating.

This concept is easy to turn into reality. Self-contained electric heating is free from disadvantages of conventional heaters and readily provides necessary temperature scenario with the minimum electric power consumption just operating for 5-7 hours per day only.

Our electric heating panels are perfect in providing the basic and additional heating of the wide variety of premises ranging from apartments, houses and offices to the large shopping centers and budgetary establishments. They consist of natural materials only, do not liberate the harmful substances and are eversafe for you and your children. They allow choice of heaters to fit to any interior of up-to-the minute design.

All equipment is made of the environmentally sound natural materials only. Unlike the convection systems, electric panels do not desiccate the air, do not generate the combustion products, and do not circulate dust in the room, and remove dampness and cellar fungus. You should not be concerned about your and your family’s health.

Operating principle:

Ceramic heating panel is heated by means of new generation heating element being scientific research result previously used in the USSR defense industry only. Heating element is unique in that it has a high coefficient of heat transmission at the low electric power consumption. Where classic thermal energy accounting makes 100 Watts per 1m2, here it makes 50 Watts per 1m2! Ceramics heated to 80 degrees becomes very effective infrared heat source. Panel backside coated with the heat-retaining coating is heated to the temperature of 90 degrees, heats air and creates natural convection.

Heated area makes up to 15m2 with power from 270W to 500W.

Application of two heating principles is new tradition underlying the experience in the area of energy-efficient technology. The unique feature of ceramic heating panel construction is application of ceramics.

The use of our ceramic heating panels is very straightforward and easy

  • Very easy and quick assembly/disassembly - the system installation takes at most one working day. Moreover, your renovations will not be impaired; there will be no any visible damages to interior. Installation could be carried out stage-by-stage, which is particularly convenient in case of large projects, or when you desire to assure yourself of heaters efficiency as a preliminary.
  • System control is entirely automated and straightforward as much as practical; individual temperature is set in each room - forget closeness in one room and cold floors in other one.
  • Our heating systems will allow you not be concerned about the additional space for the boiler room and ventilation equipment, because these just should not be required.
  • Warm will be felt as early as from the first minutes of system operation; rooms are heated quickly, because it is not necessary to wait until whole space air is warmed up. In addition, electric heating panels showed excellent performance as an additional or local heating.

Now, let us look back to all the disadvantages of preceding heating systems and consider advantages of our ceramic heating panels.

  • low power consumption (300 to 700W);
  • no any boilers, pipes and water;
  • fire- and explosion-proof;
  • efficient performance makes 40 — 50% as compared with other heating system types;
  • automatic control of entire system;
  • service and further maintenance are not required;
  • most safe system among the existing ones;
  • design approval for installation is not required;
  • system does not raise dust, does not burn oxygen and does not desiccate air while in operation;
  • completely quiet;
  • unique design;
  • certificated;
  • warranty period of 5 years, service life of 30 years.

Ms. Yevheniya Katsyuk - Director

Company registration code: 38200262

Phone/fax: +38 (0562) 34-65-74

Contact person: Ms. Oleksandra Kalhanova (Mobile: +38 (096) 248-19-95), E-mail: kalganova87@mail.ua)


Door Factory «BudMajster» LLC

Door Factory «BudMajster» LLC is one of the largest serial producers of interior doors in Ukraine. Our company has over 20 years experience in the production of interior doors and accessories, in the Ukrainian market, producing a wide range of products under the Trade Mark «Verto».

Currently, our products have conquered high levels of trust and reliability of our customers at the interior doors market with high quality, modern design and excellent correlation of price – quality of our products.

The Door Factory is a part of the investment-production group «BudMajster», which creates the stable financial infrastructure of our factory and guarantees active and dynamic development of TM «Verto» on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.


Our door factory offers more than 150 different models of interior doors in five different covers with the large variety of colors. All door models are offered in single-leaf and double-leaf design and can be made in non-standard sizes.

Besides door leafs, Factory makes door frames, masking architraves and other accessories to door leafs, providing every customer with a necessary variety of choice of our products.

We are constantly increasing production volumes, renewing current door models and developing new once. This makes TM «Verto» one of the most progressive interior doors trade marks in the country.


All door production processes are based on the European technology and approach. Mostly automated technological process allows high quality specialists to maintain a quality-control process on every stage of production cycle: from the selection of materials to packaging. This fact is confirmed by ISO 9001 Certificate.

All products, produced by our factory, are adapted to national construction and building requirements, with all necessary certificates.

Mr. Artem Slyunkov – General Director

Mailing address: 9 Ter’oshkina Str., Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51400 Ukraine

Company registration code: 33892810

Phone: +38 (0563) 20-93-80

Fax: +38 (0563) 20-93-85

E-Mail: dveri@budmajster.com

Web-site: http://www.verto-doors.com.ua/en/home.html

Glass, ceramics

Limited Liability Company «Novomoskovs'k Houseware»

LLC «Novomoskovs'k Houseware» is the only Ukrainian producer of steel enameled houseware, used for cooking, food product storage, and other household needs.

The shop producing Company's principal output - enameled houseware – was built in 1955 and started the mastering and production of the houseware in September of that same year.

LLC «Novomoskovs'k Houseware» production company offers a wide range of steel enameled houseware. For more than 50 years already our Company is the largest Ukrainian producer of the high-quality enameled houseware under «EPOS» trade mark.

LLC «Novomoskovs'k Houseware» offers the best quality products under the most advantageous prices and guarantees long-term and reliable partnership, since the «closed» production cycle allows ensuring 100% timely execution of orders.

TM «EPOS» range of products consists of more than 150 items and is represented by six lines of enameled houseware in various price categories.

Houseware production is a quite complicated process, requiring accurate adherence with the manufacturing technology and high qualification of the production staff. At our manufacturing facilities this process consists in the complete production cycle - from the production of black houseware out of the rolled sheet material to the shipment of the finished enameled houseware to our customers.

Our enameled houseware production process consists of the following stages:

  • metal feed for the production (product chipping and stamping);
  • surface preparation for the enamel coating;
  • fitting welding;
  • enamel coating and laying of the decorative finish;
  • enameled houseware packing;
  • shipment of the finished products to our consumers.

Using the cold stamping method we manufacture more than 70 dimension types of steel houseware and household products.

To produce black houseware we use multi-position presses, manufactured by the Japanese «AIDA» Company, multi-position and single-position presses, manufactured by the Barnaul Mechanical Press Plant, single-position presses, manufactured by the Voronezh Mechanical Press Plant, German «PKRZ» presses, and many other units.

Thorough surface preparation for enamel finish laying and high-quality welding are the most important technological processes in the enamel finishing.

Our enterprise uses two types of the metal surface preparation for enamel finish laying:

  • acid-free product surface preparation at the «Silesia» unit based on the KHO cold degreaser;  
  • acid-based product surface preparation at the «Silesia» unit based on the hydrochloric acid solution.

All solutions act under the ambient temperature and require no additional heating.

Fittings are welded with the pressure contact welding units.

Enamel finishing is carried out under the classical technology - two coating and two kilning stages (primer + cover-coat enamel).

Black products, prepared for the enamel finishing, undergo the following: first the priming slurry is applied, either manually or with the help of enameling machines; then they are dried by the electric drying furnaces and kilned by the electric kilning furnaces under the temperature of up to 860°С. Then the primed products are covered with the cover-coat enamel, dried, and kilned under the temperature of up to 850°С.

After the sorting process all serviceable houseware is sent to the decorative finishing line, used for decol application and other types of art and decorative finishing of products and undergoes additional kilning under the temperature of 840 °С – 850 °С.

Then the kilned products are sorted out by Quality Control Department employees, grouped, and sent for packing.

Products are packed into corrugated cardboard boxes and then sent to the finished-product storage area.

The on-receipt inspection of incoming materials and quality control on the product manufacture and the finished enameled houseware are conducted in accordance with requirements of normative documents and technological instructions for the production of steel enameled houseware. 

The Ukrainian Ministry of Health carries out the sanitary and hygienic control on the enamel coating, contacting with food products and media. The enterprise has obtained all respective hygienic certificates for its enameled houseware.

The Quality Management System, used for the enameled houseware production, has been certified by UKRSepro system.

The enterprise has the following certificates of conformity for its enameled houseware: UKRSepro, Russian State Standard, and the Hygienic opinion letter of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

Mr. Valentyn Vyshchenya Director

Mailing address: 115 Suchkova Str., Novomoskovs’k, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51200 Ukraine

Company registration code: 33905850

Phone/fax: +38 (05693) 4-38-48, +38 (05693) 4-28-40

Fax: +38 (05693) 4-38-95

E-Mail: Evgeniy.Shulga@nmpp.interpipe.biz

Web-site: http://uaposuda.biz

Contact person: Mr. Yevhen Shul'ha – Deputy Commercial Director (Mobile: +38 (050) 526-67-85)

Light Industry

Production-commercial company «Viluta» LLC

The general partner of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce and Industry «Viluta» LLC production-commercial company (PCC) was established in 1996. «Viluta» is fast developing company in light industry and is one of the leading manufacturers of bed linen in Ukraine.

We have significantly expanded our product range by developing fabrication of bed linen of good quality at reasonable prices and by opening up manufacture of luxury bed linen, bath towels and blankets, pillows, bedspreads and other home textiles.

You can find color palette with which we operate on our website www.viluta.com (in Russian) or we can send this information by your demand.

Company successfully cooperates with such major domestic and foreign trading chains as Metro, Fozzy, ATB, Homster, New Line, Epicenter, «Deko» and also with entrepreneurs in Ukraine. Besides, company «Viluta» serves the needs of large state companies and organizations, such as the «Ukrainian Railways», trade unions, child care facilities, motels, hotels, etc.

Production capacity of «Viluta» LLC PCC Company allows fabricating 2000 bed linen kits per shift. Company is interested in the expansion of sales markets and is looking for partners abroad.

«Art - Platinum» LLC is a distribution company of «Viluta» LLC PCC on the international market.

Price includes kit, standard package, (PVC or a brand cardboard box depending on the tissue type), brand packet. The production of bed linen according to you sizes and in your package is also possible.

The price is valid on terms SIF, DAF.

Also, we will be happy to consider proposals for the production of bed linen under your brand.

Ms. Lyudmyla Lupul’chuk – Director

Mailing address18 Avtoparkova Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49127 Ukraine

Company registration code: 24427588

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 374-36-12 / +38 (056) 374-36-13

Web-site: www.viluta.com

Contact person: Mr. Artem Zabolotnyi - Director of «Art-Platinum» LLC (Phone: +38 (056) 374-36-12, Mobile: +38 (050) 011-01-05, E-mail: art.platinum.z@gmail.com)

Company «ZOZ»

The Company «ZOZ» is the first Ukrainian producer of eco-bags.

We make eco-bags from natural materials that do not harm the environment and we support the modern trend to respect the nature and natural resources.

The product range includes:

  • Eco-bags for women;
  • Eco-backpacks for young people;
  • Eco-backpacks for kids;
  • Eco-cases for smartphones;
  • Eco-covers for tablets;
  • Eco-covers for laptops.

The list of our customers includes more than 30 big networks of clients and it covers more than 2,000 branch establishments all over Ukraine.

The company provides its customers with all the necessary equipment for sale of the finished production such as racks and boxes.

We give some part of the sales profit to our Public Organization (ZOZ), which helps to provide environmental charity events in the city parks and squares. There we gather like-minded citizens and some commercial and non-commercial organizations that care about the place where we live. Together we plant the trees and give eco-lessons to the children in order to teach them to respect the nature and to save natural resources.

Mailing address1-A Henerala Pushkina Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000 Ukraine 

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 794 37 84

Web-site: www.zoz.ua

Contact person: Mr. Oleksandr Bidnyak (Mobile: +38 (067) 630-31-99, E-mail: alexandr.bednyuk@gmail.com)


Yuzhnoye State Design Office named after M.K. Yangel

The general partner of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce and Industry Yuzhnoye State Design Office named after M.K. Yangel is the center of rocket-space industry of Ukraine, which possessed advanced space technologies. The specifics of the works of the enterprise determine the reliability and flexibility of the developments.

For over 60 years Yuzhnoye SDO together with extended cooperation of scientific and industrial enterprises developed more than 70 types of spacecraft, four generations of missile complexes and seven types of space launch vehicles. Made more than 900 launches of launch vehicles and more than 400 satellites developed by Yuzhnoye SDO and SE PA «Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant» for astrophysical observations, global research, Earth observation, and defense purposes.

During years of successful work on the creation of space rocketry Yuzhnoye’s SDO specialists have created hundreds of unique technologies which are currently can be used in various fields (more information can be found at: www.yuzhnoye.com).

Yuzhnoye SDO supplies its products in two directions:

  • Domestic governmental market - the execution of governmental contracts for the development of space rocketry;
  • Foreign market - a global market of space rocketry development and world market of launch services.

Yuzhnoye SDO cooperation with European industrial companies, including the space sector is carried out in terms of finding partners for joint ventures in the procurement of high-tech products and in the framework of the international research programs.

Yuzhnoye’s SDO export offers include:

  • Engineering services in development, testing, design support of production and operation of the following:

- Launch vehicles and their parts;

- Rocket engines and their parts;

- Spacecrafts and their parts, equipment which is part of space segment of satellite systems;

- Ground infrastructure of space rocket complexes and space systems.

  • Engineering services in development, testing and production of goods from composite materials, development of new technologies and structural materials, estimation and experimental provision of the space rocketry and other equipment development;
  • Engineering services in development, testing and design support of electric transport, power engineering and agricultural machinery products, equipment for nuclear, medical and food industries etc.;
  • Consulting services and intellectual product – R&D, design, operational and other documentation on technical systems developed by the company.

More information can be found at the web address: www.yuzhnoye.com.

Main type of production that is exported are engineering services and R & D, design, engineering, operational and other documentation on technical systems developed by the company.

Yuzhnoye SDO documentation has the followingHS codes:

  • Technical documentation – 49019900
  • Design documentation – 49060000
  • Documentation on DVD – 85234951
  • Documentation on CD – 85234959

Yuzhnoye’s SDO Quality Management System supported in actions, developed in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement and meets the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008. Certificate of conformity to the QMS of the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) № 32234 dated 13.12.2013, acting to December 2016 was obtained.

Mr. Oleksandr Dehtyar’ov General Designer – General Director

Mailing address: 3 Kryvoriz’ka Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49008 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 14308304

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 770-04-47 / +38 (056) 770-01-25

E-Mail: info@yuzhnoye.comspace@yuzhnoye.com

Web-site: www.yuzhnoye.com

Contact person: Mr. Serhiy Kutovyi - Head of Division International Cooperation (Phone: +38 (056) 770-04-47, +38 (0562) 38-64-03)

State Enterprise «Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov» (YUZHMASH)

The State Enterprise «Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov» (YUZHMASH) is subject to the State Space Agency of Ukraine (SSAU). 

Over more than 70-year history the company acquired the status of the world leader in field of rocketry and now is the basis of space-rocket industry of Ukraine.

Since the mid-20th century, in Dnipropetrovs’k there have been creating four generations of strategic missile systems, about 400 spacecraft of 70 various modifications, space launch vehicles of «Cyclone», «Cosmos», «Zenit» families.

Production association has strong branch industries: metallurgical, assembly, testing, welding, casting, forging and machining. The company has mastered and implemented unique technological solutions.

YUZHMASH is a full cycle company. Production of the main body of component parts and units, assembly and testing under conditions close to the natural environment is carried out on its own unique industrial base.

Potential of enterprise makes an opportunity for Ukraine to provide annually from 8 to 10% of world starting services.

Now YUZHMASH takes part in the following space projects:

  • Antares program: within the contract with the American company «Orbital» of YUZHMASH carries out deliveries of blocks of the first degree of the carrier rocket (CR) «Antares» for launching of NASA payloads to the International space station;
  • Sea Launch program: within the contract with the Russian company LLC «Energiya Lodzhistiks» YUZHMASH delivers the 1st and 2nd stages of CR «Zenith» to the USA and takes part in preparation for launching of integrated CR from board of a sea platform in the Pacific Ocean;
  • Land Launching program: within the contract with the Russian company LLC «Mezhdunarodnye kosmicheskiye uslugi» YUZHMASH delivers to the 1st and 2nd stages of CR «Zenith» to Kazakhstan and takes part in preparation for launching of  integrated CR from Baikonur Cosmodrome;
  • Federal space program of Russia: within the contract with the Russian space agency YUZHMASH delivers 1st and 2nd stages of CR «Zenith» to Kazakhstan and takes part in preparation for launching of integrated CR from Baikonur Cosmodrome;
  • Dnepr program: within the contract from the PJSC «Hartron» YUZHMASH produces an equipment for launching on CR «Dnepr» (conversion version of MBR R-36) from launching bases in Russia and Kazakhstan;
  • Vega program: within the contract with the Italian company «Avio» YUZHMASH produces engines of the 4th stage of easy European CR «Vega»;
  • Cyclone-4 program: within contracts with the State space agency of Ukraine, «Yuzhnoye» SDO and the Brazilian company «BC Alcantara Cyclone Space» YUZHMASH works on creation of new space rocket complex «Cyclone-4» which will be developed in Brazil.

Production which is planned to export:

Full name of product Ukrainian Classification of Goods of Foreign Economic Activity
Launch vehicles and spacecrafts

8802 60 10

8802 60 90

8802 20 00

8802 30 00

8802 40 00

8803 10 00

8803 20 00

8803 30 00
Components and units for carrier rockets and spacecrafts

8412 10 00

8412 90 20

8412 90 30

Landing gears sets:

  • Aircraft АN – 140 according to 140.00.4000.000.000 TU
  • Aircraft АN – 148 according to 148.00.4000.000.000 TU
  • Aircraft АN – 158 according to 148.00.4000.000.000 TU




                             8803 20 00

Tractors UMZ horsepower 80 – 100 8701 90 31 - 8701 90 50

Quality management system

The company implemented such a quality management system which meets the requirements of UkrSEPRO (the Ukrainian national certification system), as well as is being improved constantly.

In 2007 SE «Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A. Makarova» obtained the Certificate confirming that the quality control system on production, testing and maintenance of space technology products meets national and international requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2001.

The State Enterprise «State Scientific and Engineering Center for Space Rocketry Certification» controls the quality policy at the YUZHMASH by technical supervision.

Mr. Serhiy Voyt - General Director

Mailing address: 1 Kryvoriz’ka Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49047 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 14308368

Phone/fax: +38 (0562) 34-38-43 / +38 (0562) 34-38-45

Web-site: www.yuzhmash.com

Contact person: Mr. Dmytro Nikon  - Chief Economist, Head of Economic Planning Department (Phone: +38 (0562) 34-3752, E-mail: nikon@yuzhmash.com); Ms. Oksana Dovhopil - Head of Department of Development and Innovations (Phone: +38 (0562) 34-11-41, E-mail: upr185@yuzhmash.com)

Public Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’k Aggregate Plant»

Public Joint Stock Company «Dnipropetrovs’k Aggregate Plant» is a large machine-building enterprise with 85-years of experience in manufacturing products for aircraft engineering, hydraulic equipment for mining operations and consumer goods.

Founded in 1927, the enterprise has kept a steady rate of growth and development, achieving a respectable status of the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of the aircraft engineering equipment used both in military and civil aircraft industry.

Our enterprise nowadays is a powerful, high-capacity, high-technology and mobile manufacturing facility that provides a full production cycle of aeronautic components,  mining hydraulics control systems & components and special electric drives. Quality and reliability of the manufactured components is stipulated and provided by a high engineering and design potential and is further guaranteed by a quality management system, certified according to ISO 9001-2001 standard (ISO 9001:2000, IDT).

We would herewith like to offer cooperation with our enterprise, which has an 85-year experience in manufacturing:

  • hydraulic axial piston pumps;
  • centrifugal and ejector pumps;
  • hydraulic valves and control & distribution valves;
  • pipeline valves and fittings;
  • special electric engines and drives;
  • hydraulics for mining and quarrying equipment, which are widely implemented in the spheres of aircraft construction (components supply for combat and civil aviation), tank building, mining works. Our products imply highest quality and precision as well as a strict compliance with every requirement our customer should express. 

Our enterprise renders a full range of services in respect of OEM manufacturing and custom-design production, engineering, research & development, production start-up and manufacturing products of any degree of complexity and precision.

Mr. Valeriy Bobko - Chairman of the Board

Mailing address: 53 Shchepkina Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49052 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 14311614

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 372-71-19

E-Mail: boborykin@aodaz.com.uadenys.boborykin@gmail.com

Web-site: www.aodaz.com.ua/en/

Contact person: Mr. Denys Boborykin - Chief Market and Innovation Projects Specialist

Limited Liability Company «Design Bureau «Intel»

Limited Liability Company «Design Bureau «Intel» (hereinafter – DB INTEL) targets the market of high-tech vibration screening equipment since 1993.

The main activities of DB INTEL are as follows:

1. Design and manufacture under Customers' Technical Requirements of vibration screening equipment for size-fractionating of dry and poorly humid (5...10%) materials, including fine ones, classification and dewatering of solids of water pulps.

2. Design and manufacture of special devices and equipment for intensification of the processes running in vibration size distribution of substances:

  • particle segregation acceleration;
  • implementation of mesh «self-cleaning» effects against stuck particles and «vibrating fluid» bed, forcing the material mixing, increasing probability of fine particles passage through the screening surface meshes;
  • bonding decomposition (agglomeration, aggregation) arising in screened materials in storage or technological processes, etc.

3. Modernization of Customers' round vibration screens, which are available for the time being: obsolete or which do not meet new technological requirements, by adapting the devices developed by us to the design of specific machines. As a result, the screening devices get «a new lease of life» and new properties: screening output and efficiency increase; capabilities and scope of vibration screens expand – for example, screening of fine or so-called «problem» materials (wet, sticky, subject to agglomeration and so on) become possible.

4. Replacement of worn-out plastic and metal meshes for vibroseparators not only of our production, but also of the leading foreign manufacturers: Sweco, Cuccolinі, Allgaier and others.

A number of KB INTEL's round VVu vibration screens is represented by four main standard sizes determined by the screening surface diameters (ØØ from 600 to 1500 mm) and two performances, the use of which is determined by the properties of the material screened and features a screening surface actuation method («S» – standard and «HF» – high frequency), and rectangular medium-tonnage screeners VVpr-2x3.

The feature of the vibration machines manufactured by DB INTEL is their high specific productivity and efficiency of the screening according to the desired classes of separation.

The mission statement of DB INTEL, which employs professionals experienced extensively in the area of vibration methods for  substances size-fractionating: «The sale of the machine is not the completion of the project, but the beginning of the partnership» so, we always strive to be useful for our Customers – Partners in the solution of the tasks of size distribution of materials.

Mr. Valeriy Behunov - Director

Mailing address: 28 Bud’onoho Str., flat 51, Zhovti Vody, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 52204 Ukraine

Company registration code: 20266390

Phone/fax: +38 (05652) 2-85-03 / +38 (05652) 3-36-73

E-Mail: kb_intel@ukr.net

Web-site: www.kb-intel.com.ua

Contact person: Mr. Valeriy Behunov – Director (Mobile: +38 (067) 798-04-49, +38 (099) 055-31-62)

Public Joint Stock Company «Pavlograd Plant of Automatic Lines and Machines»

Pavlograd Plant of Automatic Lines and Machines - PJSC «Plant Palmash» with half a century of development, today it is one of the largest companies specializing in the production of technological equipment for the foundry industry.
The company manufactures machinery for molding shaking, equipment for the preparation, distribution and seals cold hardening mixtures, rod lines and machines, automatic molding lines. Provides services for the assembly of metal constructions of any complexity, welding in shielding gases. Performs any work on the manufacture of parts, including turning, milling, boring, grinding work, electroplating and heat treatment.

PJSC «Plant Palmash» exports goods UCG FEA code 84748090.

Mr. Viktor Mel’nychuk – Chairman of the Board, Director

Mailing address: 1 Iskrovs’ka Str., Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51412 Ukraine

Company registration code: 00222151

Phone/fax: +38 (05632) 3-11-17 / +38 (05632) 3-03-52

E-Mail: market@palmash.comuum75@mail.ru

Web-site: http://palmash.com

Contact person: Mr. Ruslan Klyevkov  - Deputy Chairman Marketing (Mobile: +38 (050) 480-42-31)

Public Joint Stock Company «Elektrozavod»

PJSC «Elektrozavod» – the only company in the CIS countries has been produced complete switchgear КРУВ-6В at top professional level more than 25 years:

  • electro flameproof equipment and high voltage equipment for coal mines, consumer goods;
  • cultivating machines;
  • baking oven with electrical heating ПП -1;
  • single-row disk harrow ЛД-1 for agricultural machinery;
  • non-standard electrical equipment on order;
  • switchgear and control gear of series КРУВ-6ВУХЛ5 with relay, small-sized semiconductor and microprocessor control and protection units of series УКР-РН-6 УХЛ5, of series КРУЭ-6; КРУЭ-6М; КРУЭн-6 for excavating machines;
  • connection gears УПН-10, type РВНО-6УХЛ1 and other products;
  • reversing and non-reversing starters of type ПМШ and ПМШР currents up to 160А;
  • lighting transformers  of type УОР capacity to 4.0 kVA.

All products are equipped with vacuum switches of ВВ-6/10-12,5/630 УХЛ5 and current transformers type ТЛКИ-6УХЛ5 of its own production.

UCCFEA code: switchgear and control gear (85372091).

Mr. Oleksiy Stel’makh Chairman of the Board

Mailing address: 1К Elektrozavods’ka Str., Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 50106 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 00215108

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 404-16-34 / +38 (0564) 95-84- 84

Limited Liability Company «Dnipropetrovs’k plant Prodmash»

Limited Liability Company «Dnipropetrovs’k plant Prodmash» is a manufacturer of equipment for flour-milling industry and for the production of animal feed, as well as for cleaning, sorting and cleaning grain.

The company specializes in producing of the following types of equipment:

  • Machine А1-BMSH designed for wet peeling grain wheat and rye in its preparation for milling. The machine is designed for installation in screen rooms of mills comprising OEM's. As a result, grain processing using this machine cleans the grain surface of ruptured membranes and partly from the embryo and beard, while the grain is removed from the surface of excessive moisture.

- Technical performance, t / h, not less - 5.65;

- Installed capacity, kW, not more – 11,0;

- Water flow rate l / h, not exceeding: on the sink -1200, by flushing husk – 300;

- Overall dimensions (mm, not more): length – 1900, width – 1400, height – 2350 Beats;

- Power consumption, kW. h / t, not more - 1.95

  • Mashine А1-ЗШН-3 designed for peeling of wheat and rye flour in the production of sanding polishing and barley in the development of pearl barley, flaking barley, millet, peas

- Technical performance (at least, t / h):

when peeling rye and wheat - 3;

when peeling millet - 2;

when peeling barley - 1,8;

when peeling and polishing barley -1,5

- Dimensions (not more than, mm):length - 2000; width -1000; height -2000;

- Weight (less than t) –1,5;
Installed capacity (no more, kW):22.

  • Hammer crusher DDM is suitable for crushing grain hulled and cereals  on the enterprises compound feed industry in conjunction with other equipment.

Dimensions (not more, mm): length - 1715; width - 1440; height - 1487.
Weight (kg, max): 1710. Installed power not exceeding 55 kW.

Technical performance (at least, t / h):

- barley: sieve fr. 5,0 - 6,0; sieve fr . 5,8 - 8,0;

- scaly 12х25 - 5,2;

- peas: sieve fr. 6,0 - 8,0;

- scaly 12х25 - 6,5;

- corn : sieve fr. 5,0 - 5,2; sieve fr. 5,2 - 8,0;

- scaly 12х25 - 7,0;

- wheat: sieve fr. 5,0 - 6,0;

- oat: sieve fr. 5,5 - 8,0

  • Mills machine A1-BVG designed to separate particles from the endosperm fractions torn shells outgoing systems in wheat processing in varietal flour at mills with mechanical and pneumatic transport in the plant conjunction with other equipment:

- overall dimensions (not more, mm): length - 1600; width - 1720; height - 820. Weight (not more, t): 0,6;

- technical performance (not more, t/h) - 1,6;

- air consumption for aspiration (not more, m3/h) – 4;

- additional extraction flour (not less, %) - 5,38;

- installed capacity (not more, kwt): 5,5.

  • Mashine А1-BP2-К - designed to control screening to isolate flour
    from it accidentally caught rough and impurities on the mill enterprises in conjunction with other equipment.

Dimensions for A1-BPK (not more mm):

- length - 1550; width - 800; height - 1275;

- weight (not more, kg): 340;

- installed capacity (not more, kwt): 5,5;

- technical performance (t/h): 4,0 - 5,0; 

- electricity consumption in kWh / kg: 0,002.

Dimensions for A1-BP2-K:

- length - 1550; width - 1930; height - 2295;

- weight (not more, kg): 710;

- installed capacity (not more, kwt): 11;

- technical performance  (t/h): 36. Beats.

  • G9-BMB - designed for wet cleaning of grain mineral organic impurities - the dust of the earth, head, and used in the mills in the preparation of grain for milling consisting of complete equipment:

- overall dimensions (not more, mm): length - 3700; width - 1860; height – 2550, weight (not more, kg) – 2900;

- technical performance (not less, t/h): 10,0. Air consumption for aspiration (not more, m3/h) – 600;

- Beats consumption (not more, kwt. h/t  - 1,25. installed capacity (not more, kwt) - 12,5;

- Specific water consumption (not more, l/h) - 700. Degree of grain moisture (%) – 2,2...2,5;

- Removal efficiency of volatile organic impurities (%) - 75,0...100;

- Sampling efficiency of mineral admixtures (%) - 70,8...75,0.

  • Detacher A1-BDG designed for additional grinding milling products after Roller machines with smooth (rough) sanding rolls 1-2 and 4-11 hammer mill systems included in the process flow diagram of mill quality grinding wheat and grits separation from the upper shell grain before sieving.

- Technical productivity (kg / h) - 380 – 610;

- Existing power (not more kw): 1,5;

- Additional extraction flour 4 grinding system (at least, %) -10;

- Dimensions: length 960; width-338; height - 540.

  • Crusher bulk materials A1T-MPA is designed for grinding various granular materials, including grains and legumes, foods, peppercorn, nutmeg, coffee, sugar, salt, etc.

- Technical performance (depending on the product, kg / h) - 200 – 1000;

- Dimensions (not more, mm): length - 600; width - 600; Height – 1600;

- Weight (not more than, kg) – 170;

- Installed capacity (not more kw) – 5,5

  • Mobile conveyor screw - KPSH and screw conveyor stationary - KSH.

Regular screw conveyor - KSH - designed for the transportation of bulk granular materials and products humidity greater than 15% in closed troughs horizontal and oblique direction.

Mobile conveyor screw - KPSH - designed to clean silos after unloading and loading of grain. The angle of inclination is of 45°.

  • Grain separator cathartic series BSP designed to separate the impurities from the grain of wheat, characterized by a width, thickness and aerodynamic properties using sieves and air flow. The separator is used in grain preparatory departments and elevators mills, including as part of the complete equipment for newly constructed mills.

«Prodmash» LLC is manufacturer of a sieve (screen), more than 80 years on the market. The Company produces a full range of sieves perfect quality: round, longitudinal, triangular, match, scaled, rectangular.

Application of sieve:


The dimensions of sieves (mm)

Precleaning separators OVS -25


Separators BSH, BIS, BLS

770х990; 996х1000; 750х1000

Separators ZVS-25, ZAV-40, KZU-40


Separators BTSC-100, MZP - 50

Curved sections 490х990

Separators Petkus К-547А, К-527А


Separator Petkus Giant


Crushers DDM, KDU, DDP, DMR, GDR,

Huller-grinder А1-ZSCHN-3

500х1574; 388х663; 500х1360; 640х1042;


Ms. Tetyana Dovzhenko – General Director

Mailing address: 53 Voytsekhovycha Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49101 Ukraine

Company registration code: 14308919

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 726-40-57 / +38 (056) 373-59-19

E-Mail: info@prodmashdnepr.commaf1@prodmashdnepr.com

Web-site: www.prodmashdnepr.com

Contact person: Mr. Dmytro Taran - Manager of Foreign Trade Activities (Mobile: +38 (067) 880-03-07)

Small Private Enterprise Scientific - Production Association «Intera»

«Intera» is a machine-building factory in Pavlograd was occured from the research-and-production association «Intera», which was formed in August, 19, 1991. From the first days the enterprise is engaged in development and introduction of non-standard decisions, designs and technologies.

So since 1997 a priority direction became the development and manufacture of the non-standard equipment. In particular, the machine tool for rewinding, pasting a label, cutting and packing a toilet paper, Core winding and cuttine machines.

  1. 1. Machine for rewinding toilet paper tissue into smaller rolls


  • Multy system of rewinding: on core and without it;
  • Speed of rewinding up to 300 m/min;
  • Modular design: unwinding unit, embossing unit, winding unit with or without perforation unit;
  • Automatic tracking of paper tension;
  • Simplified system of paper guiding;
  • The productivity reached in practice - 12 tn.\day.

Technical characteristics:

  • The diameter of roll of tissue toilet paper maximum is 1200mm;
  • Diameter of rolls - till 120 мм;
  • The width of tissue (format) from 1500 / 2800 mm;
  • It is possible to rewind toilet paper both on a cardboard core or without it;
  • The wide range for adjustments of the size and weights of rolls;
  • The frequency converter;
  • A special protection against a dust (aspiratsija); (+Under the order)

New developments:

  • system of rewinding NON-STOP without core, speed up to 350 m./min.
  • system of rewinding NON-STOP onto core, speed up to 350 m./min.
  1. 2. Machine for pasting a label on logs of toilet paper


  • Speed gluing up to 12 logs / min;
  • Diameter log and adjust the length of the label from the control panel;
  • High positioning accuracy with respect to the label log;
  • Non-stop filling adhesive (+ custom);
  • Simplified refill labels;
  • Control loop execution.

Technical characteristics:

  • Log length 1200-2800 mm;
  • The diameter of log- from 80 till 120 mm.
  1. 3. Accumulator of toilet paper logs


Accumulates the pasted over logs (up to 150 pieces) for temporary storage and drying.

Allows to avoid idle time of machines at a stop any machines in line. Its characteristics and design make it the most practical development in the field. Number of accumulated logs may be customize

  1. 4. Machine for cutting toilet paper logs


  • Orbital-type cutter;
  • Automatic separation of wastes (cuttings);
  • Compact cutting unit;
  • Adjustable corner of sharpening of a knife.

Technical characteristics:

  • Circular knife. The quantity of knife's movement is 120\min.
  • Cutting of logs of diameter up to 120mm 2-lanes cutting or 130-150mm 1-lanes cutting
  • Adjustment of parameters of machine occurs on the interface.
  1. 5. Automatic machine for packing of finished rolls of toilet paper:
  • Automatic packing in plastic bags;
  • Speed of packing of rolls both with or without core - up to 240 rolls/min. in 2 tiers  (4х6х2);
  • The packing in packages in 2 tiers on 32 pieces (4х4х2), 40 pieces (4х5х2), 48 pieces (4х6х2), 56 pieces (4х7х2).

Prices for equipment exposed to conditions FCA Pavlograd according to «Incoterms 2010». The equipment is supplied in a partially disassembled, including technical documentation, user manual, data sheet for the equipment.

Mr. Stanislav Lyubimov – Director

Mailing address: 3-B Shutya Str., Pavlohrad, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51400 Ukraine

Company registration code: 13425385

Phone/fax: +38 (05632) 4-19-90

E-Mail: info@intera.dp.ua

Web-site: www.intera.dp.ua

Contact person: Mr. Stanislav Lyubimov – Director

Limited Liability Company «VAASVEE – machine building plant»

A Ukrainian medium size machine-building plant that specialized in production of equipment for metallurgical, mining, agricultural companies offering its subcontracting and outsourcing services or joint venture. Has full cycle of production – casting, metal processing, assembling, heat treatment ect. For 6 years we are producing booms and pedestals for Finnish company as subcontractor. Located in central region of Ukraine, in the biggest industrial center (military most protected region).

Advantages and innovations

Our plant more than 15 years is on the market (6 years on European market).

Open area - 45000 sq.m, workshops and warehouses area - 18000 sq.m.

300 units of metal processing and supporting equipment. Own electricity substation 20 MW and railways.  Very flexible and optimized production, great management and workers teams, low production and overhead expenses. Quick decision making (one owner).

For 6 years we are production booms and pedestals systems for hydro hammers for Finnish company as subcontractor.   

Production main features:

  • Casting up to 1.8 tons (one part), own laboratory;
  • Production of milling bodies – «cylpebs» (8x8 – 40x40 mm) up to 200 tons per month;
  • CNC processing, max. dimensions 3000x1500x1000;
  • Lathe works: up to 9000 mm long, 1000 mm diameter;
  • Carousel works: up to 1500 mm long, 3000 mm diameter;
  • Surface Grinder: up to 7000x1500x1000 mm;
  • Planer: up to 7000x 1500x1000 mm
  • Hydraulic Press: up to 800 tons.

Other characteristics:

  • 18000 sq.m of workshops and offices, the total area is 4.5 hectares;
  • Has its own substation 20 MW / hour - enough to supply the large production (even a large foundry);
  • Location - in the industrial zone, of industrial center of Ukraine;
  • One owner (quick decisions making procedures);
  • Railway line comes directly into the territory of the plant;
  • Complete infrastructure;
  • Factory staffed workers, all kinds of metalworking equipment. Plant is profitable. Has no debts;
  • Has its own foundry;
  • Well-known on Ukrainian market, also we 6 years working with the Finnish company, that confirms the high quality of our products.

Economical and social characteristics of the region:

  • Excellent infrastructure - industrial center of Ukraine;
  • Smart-educated workers (more than 25 universities in the city);
  • The widest choice of metal on the market (City is a big exporter of metal);
  • The region is the producer of space rockets and other high-tech machines;
  • Region is politically stable and military most protected.

We are looking for a reliable partner to cooperate in following ways:

  • Partner to order production from us (subcontracting).
  • Partner to transfer equipment to our facilities (Creation of joint enterprise).
  • Partner to invest into equipment for his or our program (Creation of co ownership)
  • Partner to help us to sell the production to the 3rd parties.

IPR status: Trademarks

Technology keywords: Casting, metal processing, assembling, heat treatment, machine building.

Year established: 1999

Certification standards: GOST

Language spoken: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Organization country: Ukraine

Type and role of partner sought

We are looking for company that has its own product and wants to reduce the production costs by outsourcing. Or company that has intention to produce new product and has intellectual property. Also we are looking for the company that needs the non standard equipment or metal constructions for itself for their production facilities.

Type of partnership considered

  • Joint venture agreement
  • Outsourcing agreement
  • Subcontracting

Mr. Volodymyr Selyanin - President of the Corporation «VAASVEE»

Mailing address: 3 Kursants’ka Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49051 Ukraine

Company registration code: 30431695

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 729-51-29, +38 (0562) 27-70-07

E-Mail: vaasvee@gmail.com

Web-site: http://vaasvee.com

Contact person: Mr. Vitaliy Selyanin (Mobile: +38 (068) 905-11-11)

Limited Liability Company «RosUkrMechanika»

«RosUkrMechanika» LLC (trade mark «RUM») is a manufacturer of industrial and special reduction gearboxes as well as optional equipment by technical specifications and drawings of the customer and has at its disposal specialized fleet of metal working machinery.

Moreover, the guarantee period of reduction gearboxes is up to 24 months.

«RosUkrMechanika» LLC is a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and offers the following:

  • production of general purpose industrial and crane reduction gear units of the following types: parallel-shaft horizontal single-stage reduction gear units; parallel-shaft horizontal two-stage reduction gear units; parallel-shaft horizontal triple-stage reduction gear units; parallel-shaft vertical triple-stage reduction gear units; double-reduction right-angle horizontal reduction gear units; triple-reduction right-angle horizontal reduction gear units; worm reduction gear units single-stage; worm reduction gear units two-stage and others;
  • manufacture of non-standard reduction gear units by drawings or sample of the customer, development of technical documentation;
  • repair of all types of reduction gear units;
  • replacement, refurbishment of overage domestic and foreign reduction gear units of all types for domestic modern analogues;
  • manufacture of gear wheels, gear shafts, tooth gears and other details of any degree of complexity by drawings of the customer;
  • production of welded gear housing, replacement of iron castings to steel one, thus increasing a durability, enhance reliability and improving maintainability.

Reduction gear units, manufactured by our company are successfully operated in many sectors: crane construction, metallurgy and mining, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants in chemical industry and mechanical engineering, etc. Clients of our company are: private energy company DTEK, International Mining and Metallurgical Company «Metinvest Holding», «Heidelbergcement Ukraine» group and many others.

Mr. Valeriy Orlov - Director

Mailing address: 12/72 Aerodrom Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49032 Ukraine

Company registration code: 35681592

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 372-58-21

E-Mail: zoklin13@yandex.ua

Web-site: www.rosukrmehanika.com

Contact person: Mr. Oleksandr Dobryak – Commercial Director (Mobile: +38 (067) 636-53-69)

Private enterprise «AMGUEMA»

«AMGUEMA» enterprise is established in 1992.

The main profiles:

  • Manufacturing of breakers, millers, bolting machines and other processing equipment;
  • Equipment for QC department of mining and other enterprises (breakers, attritors, blenders, delimeters, distributor-splitters, classifiers, and others);
  • Sample conditioner complexes for laboratories, geological services;
  • Research engineering; development and commissioning activity in mining, coal, construction chemical and other branches of industry;
  • Development and introduction of environmentally clean technologies of waste processing of industrial enterprises.

Mr. Petro Pankov – Director

Mailing address: 2/121 Oboyans’ka Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49026 Ukraine

Company registration code: 13455765

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 744-24-99 / +38 (056) 371-37-20

E-Mail: amguema@ua.fm

Web-site: www.amguema.com

PROMARMATURA Private Joint Stock Company

PROMARMATURA Company expresses its respect and presents opportunities for joint business in Ukraine.

PROMARMATURA is the largest Ukrainian manufacturer and integrated supplier of pipe valves of different grades of ordinary and special steels and alloys.

For more than 20 years of work PROMARMATURA proved itself a reliable partner, applying its products to dozens of companies from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bulgaria and Austria.

All activities of the company PROMARMATURA certified for compliance with the international standard of quality management ISO 9001 and European standards and directives.

The ownership of the company – a full cycle product plant, including metallurgical and forging production, the production of machinery products in Mirgorod Poltava region (the largest agricultural area for growing corn and the leading region of Ukrainian oil and gas production) and the city of Dnipropetrovsk region – Slavgorod (the largest industrial region), as well as business center and warehouse in Dnipro.

Our industrial, technological, logistical and human resources give us ability to expand existing business, developing new types of metallurgical and engineering products, and create almost new projects.

 We can offer you are in our property warehouses and operating enterprises (including the land on which our facilities are located) with all theirs infrastructure for the creation of new businesses – up to a complete change of the profile of one of our plants.

 We are ready to jointly master the production of various kinds of products, including the processing of agricultural products, organizing assembly production of trucks, agricultural machinery and various equipments for consumers in any region. We are ready to invest our property, including land, and own money in long-term projects with a stable and growing markets.

In 2016 PROMARMATURA JSC was certified by BUREAU VERITAS as a producer of pipe-line valves in accordance with requirements of European standards and Directive PED 2014/68/EU for equipment working under the pressure with the right for using CE mark.

In the year 2016 certification center TUEV THUERINGEN (Germany) confirmed the validity of certificate of correspondence of PROMARMATURA JSC as a producer of forgings and castings made of carbon and stainless steel grades in accordance with requirements of European standards and Directive.

Besides, in May 2016 we successfully finished certification and qualification tests according to standards NORSOK M-650 (Edition 4) and M-630 (Edition 6) and obtained certificate of correspondence in system of NORSOK.

Products of our company are also certified for correspondence with requirements of Technical regulations TP TC 032, TP TC 010 and national system of certification UkrSEPRO (УкрСЕПРО).

System of quality management in PROMARMATURA JSC has been certified for correspondence with requirements of international standard ISO 9001 since the year 2003.   

We are open for collaboration and cooperation and offer you our capabilities and 20 years of experience in organizing and doing business in Ukraine.

Presentation of PROMARMATURA JSC

Mr. Ihor Mezhebovskyi Director General

Mailing address: vul. Simferopolska, 17, Dnipro, 49005 Ukraine

Company registration code: 21871578

Phone/fax: +38 (0562) 35-66-01, 35-66-24

E-Mail: pa@promarmatura.ua

Web-site: www.promarmatura.ua

Metallurgical Industry

«Dniprovs'k special tubes plant» LLC

The general partner of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dniprovs'k special tubes plant LLC is a producer and supplier of steel seamless cold-rolled tubes (including capillary, thin-walled and extremely thin-walled) of stainless steel, scale-resistant and heat-resistant steel and alloys, Ti and Ti-based alloys, Ni and Ni-based alloys, refractory metals and its alloys (molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, etc).

The main range of products:

  • seamless steel cold-rolled tubes in a diameter range Ø 0.23 – 159.0 mm and wall thickness 0.08-18.0 mm;
  • seamless steel elbows (Rmed≤1OD) in a diameter range Ø 18.0-53.0 mm as per special technical requirements.

List of products


Outside diameter, mm

Wall thickness, mm


Tubes of refractory metals (molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, etc.) as per TU 48-19-251-85, TU U 24.4-33338597-005:2012, etc.



Tubes with improved purity of material and improved accuracy of tantalum and niobium as per TU U 24.4-33338597-007:2015



Seamless cold-rolled tubes of CrNi60WTi alloy grade as per TU 14-3-571-2004



Seamless extremely thin-walled tubes of CrNi50WMoTiAINb precipitation hardening alloy as per TU U-14-8-37-2001



Manometric tubes of 36NiCrTiAI precipitation hardening alloys as per TU 14-3-379-75



Seamless thin-walled tubes of scale-resistant and heat-resistant alloys CrNi78Ti, CrNi77TiAlB

as per TU 14-3-520-76, high-precision tubes of CrNi78Ti alloy as per TU 14-3-582-77



Cold-rolled tubes of aluminum and its alloys, including aircraft tubes, of grades AlCu4MgSi, AlCuMg1, AlMg2, АМг5, АМг6, etc. as per OST 1 90038-88, OST 1 92096-83, GOST 18475-82



Seamless cold-rolled tubes of 29NiCo alloy (Kovar) as per TU 14-3-972-80



Seamless tubes of stainless steel 08Cr12Ni10Ti and 08Cr18Ni12Ti grades with improved surface condition as per TU 14-3P-197-2001



Seamless extremely thin-walled tubes of austenitic stainless steel– 09Cr18Ni10Тi, 06Cr18Ni10Тi, 03Cr18Ni10Тi grades as per TU 14-3-219-2006



Unnotched cold-rolled tubes of corrosion-resistant steel grades 08Cr18Ni10Тi  and 12Cr18Ni10Тi  as per TU 14-3-769-78



Seamless cold-rolled tubes of 03Cr11Ni8Mo2Vgrade  as per TU U 27.2-8-72-2003



Seamless cold-rolled tubes of ПТ-1M, ПТ-7M titanium-based alloys as per TU 14-3-820-79



Seamless extremely thin-walled tubes of ПТ-1M, ПТ-7M Ti-based alloys as per TU 14-3-843-79 and BT-1-0, ОТ4, ОТ4-1 Ti-based alloys as per OST 1 90050-72



Tubes of titanium-based alloys as per OST 1-90050-72 specifications, but with size range as per GOST 14162-79



Seamless cold-rolled tubes of ПТ-1M, ПТ-7M, BT1-0, ОТ4 Ti-based alloys as per GOST 22897-86



Seamless tubes for oil and fuel lines of 08Cr18Ni10Ti, 12Cr18Ni10Ti, steel 20A, 30CrMnSiN steel grades  as per GOST 19277-73



Seamless extremely thin-walled tubes of 06Cr18Ni10Тi,08Cr18Ni10Ti, 09Cr18Ni10Тi corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel grade  as per GOST 10498-82



Seamless small-size (capillary) tubes of steel and alloys with chemical composition requirements as per GOST 5632, including 08Cr18Ni10Ti, 12Cr18Ni10Ti, CrNi78Ti grades with size range as per GOST 14162-79



Seamless cold-rolled and warm-rolled tubes of corrosion-resistant steel grades 06CrNi28MoCuTi, 08Cr18Ni10Ti, 12Cr18Ni10Ti as per GOST 9941-81



Cold-rolled and cold-drawn tubes of brass, copper, copper-nickel alloys (as per all current specifications)



Cold-rolled and cold-drawn tubes of carbon steel grades: 10, 20, 35, 45, 30CrMnSiN, etc. (as per all current specifications)



Seamless cold-rolled elbows (Rmed ≤ 1 OD) of corrosion-resistant steel grades as per TU U 24.2-33338597-006:2012



Shaped seamless cold-rolled tubes of stainless steel, heat-resistant and scale-resistant steel and alloys as per GOST 13663-86, GOST 8639-82, GOST 8642-68, GOST 8644-68, GOST 8645-86

Note. It is possible to produce the tubes and elbows according to the special technical requirements of the customer.

DSTP provides the service of deep drilling of holes with diameter range from 27.0 up to 140.0 mm in cylindrical products with length from 400.0 up to 4000.0 mm and outside diameter from 50.0 up to 200.0 mm.

Also, «Dneprovsky Special Tubes Plant» LLC has mastered the production of the precision round rods with the special technology of the surface finishing.

The round rods are produced of stainless steel, heat resistant and scale resistant steels and alloys, Ti and Ti-based alloys, as well as refractory metals and alloys.

The round rods in a diameter range from 2.0 mm up to 32.0 mm with the special surface finishing (Ra≤0.32 micrometers) with the maximum cut length of 5 meters or normal length, with the surface parameters - group «A» – «B» as per GOST 14955, with the dimensions and the limit deviations according to the requirements of GOST 14955 of the quality class h 9.

Quality Management System certified according to the State Standard of Ukraine ISO 9001:2009 (certificate No. UA 2.006.07973-13) was adopted at the enterprise.

Special acceptance and independent technical inspections rule including TP No. 23 (Aviatekhpriyomka, Russia).

Certified laboratory for mechanical, metallographic and corrosion tests is operating at the enterprise (Certificate No. 3813-19VL).

Among the main customers of  DSTP products are such large industrial companies of Ukraine as Zorya-Mashproekt Scientific-and-Production Complex State Enterprise (SE), A.M. Makarov Yuzhny Machine-Building Works Production Association (PA) SE (YuMZ), Motor-Sich Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC), Antonov State Enterprise, etc. 

Mr. Volodymyr Kalymbet - Director

Mailing address: P.O. Box 2256, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49038 Ukraine

Company registration code: 33338597

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 372-17-27, (056) 372-72-62

E-Mail: info@dzst.com.ua

Web-site: www.dzst.com.ua

Contact person: Mr. Artem Hrydasov - Manager of Foreign Trade Department (E-mail: gridasov@dzst.com.ua)

Private Joint Stock Company «Centravis Production Ukraine»

The Company is a manufacturer and supplier of seamless hot and cold-finished stainless steel tubes: heat exchanger, boiler, instrumentation, furnace tubes, general tubes & pipes, nickel alloy tubes and hollow bars.

Products are supplied to the following countries: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brasilia, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, India, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, Lithuania, Morocco, Mexico, Moldavia, Netherlands, Norway, UAE, Poland, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Great Britain, USA, Taiwan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, South Korea, etc.

CENTRAVIS has built an integrated quality system. The Company regularly subjects to auditing of compliance with the specific field requirements being certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

CENTRAVIS products are certified under the Rules of Russian Maritime Shipping Register, IAC Aviation Register, Lloyd’s Register, PED 97/23/EC and AD MERKBLATT 2000.

Product type for export, harmonized code: 7304410090, 7304499300, 7304499500.

Catalogue of products - http://www.centravis.com/upload/Product-catalogues.zip

Mr. Yuriy Atanasov – General Director

Mailing address56 Trubnikov Av., Nikopol’, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 53201 Ukraine

Company registration code: 30926946

Phone/fax: +38 (0566) 69-11-01

E-Mail: info@centravis.com

Web-site: www.centravis.com

Dniprodzerzhins'k Steel Casting Works

Dniprodzerzhyns’k Steel Casting Works is one of the leading metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine with a wide range and serial production of the car casting.

Sales markets: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Baltic countries and other CIS countries, Bulgaria.

The enterprise has experience of deliveries to EU countries. Our enterprise cooperated with a firm «ATCO Trade» (Sofia, Bulgaria) on delivery of car casting (centering beam) in 20I2. Company has successful experience of deliveries to Latin America.

Types of products that will be exported:

  • oar casting for automatic coupler (code 860730000);
  • oar casting (code 86071999);
  • landscape furniture (code 94018000).

Also we are interested in cooperation - manufacturing of castings by Dniprodzerzhyns’k Steel Casting Works in accordance with individual customer designs and requirements and subsequent delivery to the foreign companies.

Quality Management System and products of Dniprodzerzhyns’k Steel Casting Workscorresponds to the requirements of ISO 9001 and certified in UkrSEPRO (Ukraine) andSSZHT (Russian Federation).

The company is working on obtaining a certificate of conformity to the InternationalRailway Industry Standard IRIS. This certificate is on the stage of registration.

Dniprodzerzhyns’k Steel Casting Works also is considering the opportunity to supplyproduction according to regulatory requirements of the European Union.

Mr. Oleksandr Zakirbayev – Director

Mailing address: 4 Ukrayins’ka Str., Dniprodzerzhyns’k, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51925 Ukraine

Company registration code: 19309317

Phone: +38 (0569) 51-59-67, +38 (05692) 3-30-46, +38 (05692) 3-22-42

Fax: +38 (05692) 3-26-38, +38 (05692) 3-36-04

E-Mail: zburivskiy@dslz.bizeremenko@dslz.biz 

Web-site: www.dslz.biz

Contact person: Mr. Andriy Zburivs’kyi - Head of Commercial Department

Limited Liability Company «VAL»

«VAL» LLC, based in 1994 in Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk), is a manufacturer of steel constructions and nonstandard equipment according to customers’ request. We are interested in selling of our products to European customers and establishing new business contact.

The main activities are:

  • manufacturing of industrial, machine-building and building steel structures;
  • manufacturing of nonstandard equipment, spare parts and aggregates;
  • manufacturing of transport and waste moulds, casting and stamping;
  • engineering.

Mr. Ivan Kushnir Director

Mailing address: 55 Komsomols’ka Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 13471238

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 376-45-50

E-Mail: val.export88@gmail.com

Ukrainian Society Of The Deaf - Dniprodzerzhyns’k Training and Production Company

Basic direction of Dniprodzerzhyns’k EMF UAD, Ukraine – is making of various fastening and hardware production: wire, nails, screws, rivets, rabitz.

Due to successful 80’s years experience in a production of fastening and hardware, we can offer to you the wide range of high-quality products.

Correct price policy, comfortable forms of calculations, compressed terms of deliveries, control above quality of the produced products, use of high-quality materials – it is those criteria, on which we work with our clients not only in Ukraine but also in all other countries.

Today Dniprodzerzhyns’k UPP UTOG is a member of the Dnipropetrovs’k Chamber of Commerce and Industry (http://cci.dp.ua/baza-chlenov-palaty.html) and reliable Ukrainian manufacturer of hardware products.

We master the new types of products, extend the assortment of the produced products, and ready to consider suggestions on making necessary fastening and hardware products.

Requirements to quality and technical level of our products at the market of fastening and hardware are determined domestic and international standards. The products of enterprise correspond state and technical terms.

Dniprodzerzhyns’k EMF UAD on permanent basis distribute:

  • Construction nails;
  • Slating nails;
  • Tar paper round nails;
  • Casting round nails;
  • Screw and wire brush nails;
  • Semicircular cap screw, Sunk screw;
  • Steel rivets, aluminum rivets, copper rivets;
  • Steel wire;
  • Annealed wire.

Mr. Oleksandr Subbota - Director

Mailing address: 33 Shyroka Str., Dniprodzerzhyns’k, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 51931 Ukraine

Company registration code: 03972531

Phone/Fax: +38 (05692) 3-31-00, 3-25-13, +38 (0569) 53-32-43

E-Mail: metiz.utog@ukr.net

Web-site: www.parus-metiz.com.ua

Scientific and production company «Precisiontrub-Yug» LLC

«PRECISIONTRUB-YUG» LLC is a Ukrainian company, which was created by merging scientific and production activities bringing together over 20 years of experience at the forefront of titanium industry.

Our aim is to supply quality products and services and to fulfill our customers expectations.

Throughout the world of aerospace, defense, marine and shipbuilding, oil, gas, petroleum, chemical processing and other industries which operate in highly competitive environment - PRECISIONTRUB-YUG for more than 20 years of combined service, offer full technical support to our customers. We proudly say that our Company is involved in inter-government agreement of Russian Federation and Ukraine dated 18.11.1993 named «About production and scientific cooperation of enterprises in branches of defense industry» assuring year-to-year customer support excellence.

Commitment to manufacturing, service, research and development, together with international reputation, ensure that PRECISIONTRUB-YUG is uniquely placed to deliver the best products, backed by the finest service, world-wide.

Founded in 1990 and located at the heart of Ukrainian metallurgical industry, PRECISIONTRUB-YUG continue to support scientific and production activities having two interlinked divisions:

  • division of research, engineering and development projects for companies of tubular, rolling and forging businesses;
  • titanium tubes and bars division.

Within our titanium division, we offer a wide range of high quality products, including, but not limited to:

  • seamless titanium tubes and pipes according to the international standards ASTM B 338/337, ASTM B861, AMS 4942, AMS 4943, GOST 22897-86, GOST 21945-76 and similar with diameters from 10,0 mm to 114,3 mm and from 168,0 mm to 339,7 mm while having following wall thickness limitation from 0,5 mm to 26,0 mm.
  • titanium bars according to ASTM B348, ASTM B884, AMS 4941 and similar in a range from 10,0 mm to 200,0 mm.

While products meet stringiest international industrial requirements, manufacturing premises hold certifications of quality management system according to ISO 9001 and EN 9100.

Having said that we cover titanium products - we also confirm that we have capabilities in zirconium tubing as well, which cover dimensional range as titanium above.

Mr. Serhiy Kondrat’yev – Director

Mailing address: 4 Haharina Av., office 207-A, Dnipropetrovs’k, 49600 Ukraine

Company registration code: 00388808

Phone: +38 (056) 372-34-93

Fax: +38 (056) 377-36-77

E-Mail: dnepr@precisiontrub.comnikopol@precisiontrub.com

Web-site: www.precisiontrub.com

Contact person: Mr. Oleksiy Kondrat’yev - Business Development Director (E-mail: ok@precisiontrub.com, Skype: oleksii.kondratiev)


«DNIPROVSKIY PIPE WORKS» LLC is steel processing mill destined to produce and supply the market with steel products of supreme quality, as follows:

Oil Country Tubular Goods as per API5CT specification (API License No API5CT-1354).

Incorporated in 2008, Quality Management System (QMS) for Dniprovskiy Pipe Works has been audited and certified with ISO 9001-2008 standard by TÜV Rheinland InterCert, Germany.

The production range for OCTG scopes to:

  • Casing Pipe, dimensions ranged 41/2” thru 20” / Grade H40-J/K55-N80-L80(9Cr&13Cr)-N95 (R95)-P110-Q125-V150 / connection type: BTC; STC; LTC; «Extreme Line»; short and long triangular T&C connection; production capacity is ab. 1,500-3,000 Tons monthly.
  • Tubing Pipe, dimensions range 1.050” thru 41/2” / Grade H40-J55-L80-N80- L80(9Cr&13Cr)-T95 (R95)-P110-Q125 / pipe ends finishing EUE&NUE; T&C; «Integral» Connection; 8RD and 10RD; production capacity for tubing is scored to 1,000 thru 2,000 Tons per a month.


The Extra-Efficient Gas-Tight Coupled Connection of «Premium» Class with trapezoid threading on casing & tubing pipe ends is destined for construction and operation in vertical and controlled directional wells at oil, gas and gas-condensate field.

  • Drill Pipe as per API5DP is available too thru cooperation production unit, ranged to scope drill pipe dimensions from OD 23/8” up to OD 51/2” / Grade E75-X95-G105-S135 / ends finishing EUEIUE-IEU

ERW pipes and hollow sections under production specification as per GOST8645-68 / GOST 8639-82 / COST 10704-91 / GOST 3262-75 / EN 10219 / EN 10305-5 made of mild steel like S235GR (Steel Grade 1-3PS as per GOST380-2005), size range:

  • Round OD10 mm thru OD70 mm;
  • Square Section 15x15 mm thru 50x50 mm;
  • Rectangular Section 20x30 mm thru 40x60 mm

Mr. Yevhen Zharikov – General Director

Mailing address: 40 Yevpatoriys’ka Str., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49049 Ukraine

Company registration code: 36053445

Phone/Fax: +38 (056) 378-84-33

Web-site: www.dpw.com.ua

Contact person: Vitalii D. Sepik, IR Director (Mobile: +38 (050) 480-12-12, +38 (067) 632-90-19, E-mail: V.Sepik@dpw.com.ua)

Public Joint Stock Company «DNIPROMETYZ»

PJSC DNIPROMETYZ Mill is major international company with location in Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine. PJSC DNIPROMETYZ is the biggest manufacturer in Ukraine for Steel low-carbon wire production volume, with annual output more 100’000 tons. Ancient history of DNIPROMETYZ Plant has been starting since 1890 year.

We are ISO certified manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of low-carbon Steel Wire products as: Galvanized wire, Bright wire of general purpose, Black Annealed Wire, Cold heading wire, Barbed wire, Fiber Wire, Steel fiber, Nails, Bolts, Nuts, Split pins etc. to Ukrainian, CIS, European and world markets. At our Mill we manufacture the big quantities in shortest delivery terms, offering you affordable prices and the first grade products of high quality.

We provide individual approach to every customer, complete set and delivery of consolidated orders, minimal shipment terms with possibility of delivery to your destination place. We respect and appreciate our clients, study their needs carefully in order to react efficiently.

We achieve this by building new operations, launching new products, improving our technology and service and making our business processes more efficient. 

If you are interested in cooperation with us or need any further additional information please feel free to visit our company web-site: www.dneprometiz.com.ua and send your inquiries on-line to fill the Contact form.

Mr. Oleksandr Yakushev – General Director

Mailing address: 20 Hazety Pravda Av., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49081 Ukraine

Company registration code: 05393145

Phone/Fax: +38 (056) 376-25-85

E-Mail: sale@dm.severstalmetiz.com

Web-site: www.dneprometiz.com.uawww.severstalmetiz.com

Contact person: Ms. Oksana Fenik - Chief of Sales Department (Phone: +38 (056) 376-25-80, E-mail: og.fenik@dm.severstalmetiz.com


Public Joint Stock Company «Kryvyi Rih Red Iron Oxide Plant»

PJSC «Kryvyi Rih Red Iron Oxide Plant» produces the following products: dry red iron oxide, mummy - a natural mineral pigment of red-brown color, used in the manufacture of paintwork materials, construction materials, asbestos articles, brake and friction linings, paronite, artificial leather, shoe soles, etc.

Powder talcum - natural mineral pigment of gray and pink color that is used for the production of paintwork materials and construction materials, linoleum, electrodes as well as foundry work, charge, industrial-rubber materials.

UCCFEA code: red iron oxide (25039000).

Mr. Oleksandr Vasyl’kov - General Director

Mailing address: 201 Nikopol’ Shose, Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 50055 Ukraine 

Company registration code: 00204607

Phone/fax: +38 (056) 404-27-02 (reception office) / +38 (056) 404-27-09

E-Mail: info@ksz.dp.ua

Web-site: www.ksz.dp.ua

State Enterprise «Eastern Ore Dressing Complex» (SE «VostGOK»)

Enterprise was formed in 1951 on the basis of uranium deposits. Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine is an authority of SE «VostGOK». Today SE «VostGOK» is the only enterprise in Ukraine mining uranium ore and producing natural uranium concentrate. SE «VostGOK» is among top ten world producers of uranium (about 2 % world production) and the largest uranium producer in Europe. Uranium is the main raw material for fabrication of nuclear fuel for power plats. The foundation of enterprise's production is a powerful raw material basis. Mining of uranium ore is conducted by traditional underground method; there are heap leaching complex and block leaching on the enterprise. Processing of ores is conducting at the hydrometallurgical plant. Production of SE «VostGOK» has high-productive equipment. There are over seven thousand persons working at the enterprise currently. Also SE «VostGOK» produces sulfuric acid and machine products.

Strategic product market: Europe, Russia, China, USA.

Export sales experience: Export is realized from 1993 in countries which include Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Canada, China.

Type of product for export: Concentrate of Natural Uranium (other names: Uranium Oxide Concentrate, Octaoxide Threeuranium, Uranium Oxide (IV, VI), formula U3O8, up to specification «ТУ У 12.0-14309787-09562010» and international standard ASTM C967-13.

UCGFEA: 2844 10 90 00

One of elements of quality management is implemented at the enterprise «РК 010.005:2010 Quality Manual. Quality Management System in accordance with regulatory requirements DSTU ISO 9001:2009».

Mr. Oleksandr Sorokin – General Director

Mailing address: 2 Hor’koho Str., Zhovti Vody, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 52210, Ukraine

Company registration code: 14308797

Web-site: www.vostgok.com.ua

Contact person: Mr. Andriy Korkin - Chief of Quality Control Department (Phone: +38 (05652) 9-39-79, Fax +38 (05652) 5-51-71, E-mail: korkin@vostgok.dp.ua); Ms. Milana Kravets' - Principal Engineer of Marketing Group (Phone: +38 (05652) 9-39-79, Fax +38 (05652) 6-03-39, E-mail: m_uvostgok@email.dp.ua)

Limited Liability Company «Drilling Machines Factory «DCD»
  • 1995 - Foundation year «Drilling Machines Factory «DCD»;
  • 1999 - Beginning of production of mining and mine production. Area of ​​buildings and structures - 20 000m2, total area - 50 000m2;
  • 2004 - First release of drilling rigs (Ø250 mm);
  • 2008 - The release of the drilling rig «Ferdinand»;
  • The constant participant and winner of the republican contest «100 best goods of Ukraine»;
  • 2009 - CIS interstate Award ( USSR ) for the quality of products;
  • Number of employees - 230 people;
  • The number of founders - 2 persons (10 and 90);
  • Average annual turnover - $ 6-7 million U.S.;
  • An annual production capacity is 12 units for a year;
  • Drilling rigs operated in Ukraine, Russian Federation (Far North), Mongolia;
  • Company is interested in expanding markets (India, Africa, Latin America, etc.);
  • Products of the Factory has enormous reliability, which accordingly increases profits from services (costly part in the first two years of operation does not exceed U.S. $ 15,000 (oil, filter, etc.).

For joint action «Drilling Machines Factory «DCD» is ready to implement part of its share capital.

The partners of «Drilling Machines Factory «DCD» in the creation of new technology firms are «Finzel», «IVA» (Germany).

Direct competitors in the Ukraine and the Russian market are «Sandvik», «Atlas Copco».

Competitive advantages of the company are:

  • Reliability during the operation;
  • Low cost components for servicing;
  • Weighing «Ferdinand» - 80 t, a force for slaughter – 43 t;
  • At adamantine breeds considerable passing in speed of driving above «Atlas Copco»;
  • Possibility («Hibrid») drilling from power lines and on diesel power;
  • Working range from -50 0C to +50 0C without the use of additional heating and forced cooling.

«Drilling Machines Factory «DCD» is interested in export of its equipment.

Mr. Yuriy Solonichenko – Director

Mailing address: 53/1 Cherkasova Str., Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovs’k region, 50079 Ukraine

Company registration code: 21931694

Phone/fax: +38 (0564) 39-64-66, +38 (0564) 39-61-88

E-Mail: dcd99@ukr.net

Web-site: www.dcd.com.ua

Pulp and Paper Industry

Limited Liability Company «Clean Planet»

Clean Planet Ltd. is one of five leaders of the Ukrainian production of sanitary hygienic disposables market. Clean Planet’s production capacities are situated in the city of Dnepropetrovsk and Dnipropetrovsk region (Ukraine). Production line has two high-tech manufacturers, including its own laboratory to test the quality of products.

Clean Planet Ltd. strives to meet the people growing needs in clean, hygiene and comfort all countries, by producing high quality products for the home and family. Innovative technologies and effective tools of managing business processes are used to reach this goal.

We can offer you to import and exclusive rights for distribution of whole range of sanitary hygienic products in your region and propose broad mutually advantageous partnership.

The portfolio of brands consists of "Fantasy", "Fantee".

Range of sanitary hygienic products includes (http://sgroup.dp.ua/en/brands/):

  • Wet Wipes
  • Wet Wipes Premium
  • Baby Wipes
  • Paper Handkerchiefs
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper Towels
  • Table napkins and Decorative napkins
  • Liquid soap
  • Cotton disks and Cotton sticks
  • Garbage bags

Clean Planet Ltd. guarantees the highest quality products for consumers through:

  • The production uses only the best suppliers of the high quality raw materials. The raw materials deliver from EU countries that have international quality certificates. The nonwoven fabric comprises 70% natural fiber – viscose, for reducing the risk of allergic reactions on the skin. The perfumes of world producers from France, Britain, the Netherlands, selected on the basis of consumer preferences.
  • Service quality management always provides strict quality control and fulfillment with the relevant regulations and standards.
  • All processes are automated and that allow achieving the highest performance level.
  • Company's staff passes complex multi-level training to work with the production facilities.

We could offer delivery services around the world over our partners.

Also we provide services of production Private Label hygiene products on our capacities.

Clean Planet Ltd. is working today without any delays and cancelations. We continue to fulfill its obligations to our partners.

Mr. Oleksiy Lavrinets - Director

Mailing address: 101 Kirova Av., Dnipropetrovs’k, 49000 Ukraine

Company registration code: 34060298

Web-site: http://sgroup.dp.ua/en/

Contact person: Mr. Oleksiy Selivanov - Director for Business Development of Foreign Economic Activity S.Group Corporation (Mobile: +38 (067) 633-99-56, E-mail: alex@snack.dp.uaalex@sigroup.ua, Skype: selivanov708)

Services for Business

Limited Liability Company «P.H.J.» - P.H.J. Consultancy BVBA

PHJ Consultancy is an innovative medium sized Belgian company with an international reputation as a legal problem solver. The firm offers general services in the area of sales, marketing, judicial, technical advice; and services in the area of environment, safety, quality and port operations, for both private and public sectors.

The firm’s mission is to be a reliable partner for foreign businessmen in Ukraine. We ensure professional approach based on extensive experience and international standards.

PHJ Consultancy works together with different industrial in partners and specialists. It offers all solutions in accordance with European laws and directives and international standards. The offering includes:

  • General services for West European/Ukrainian business:

- Consultancy for export/import;

- European tax laws and regulations;

- Customs regulations;

- Marketing/lobbying;

- EC certification of goods;

- Trading/transport;

- General services for businessmen: visa, accommodation, transport, interpreters, etc;

- Legal and accounting services;

  • Environment;
  • Renewable Energy;
  • Waste Management;
  • Occupational Health & Safety;
  • Quality/claims;
  • Port Operations.

Mr. Bohdan Moroz - Director

Mailing address: 1 Heroyiv Maydanu Square, Dnipropetrovs'k, 49028 Ukraine

Company registration code: 39579632

Mobile: + 38 (097) 727-13-87

E-Mail: bohdan@phjconsultancy.com

Web-site: www.phjconsultancy.com

Contact person: Mr. Bohdan Moroz - Director

P.H.J. Consultancy BVBA

Mailing address: Wouter Haecklaan 7/5, 2030 Antwerpen, Belgium       

Phone: +32 (0)3 366.05.32, +32 (0)495.526.824

Fax: +32 (0)3 322.17.38

E-Mail: p.jacobs@phjconsultancy.com

Web-site: www.phjconsultancy.com

Contact person: Mr. Paul Jacobs


In case you are interested in, please, do not hesitate to contact the Office of International Economic Relations of Dnipropetrovs'k Chamber of Commerce and Industry, e-mail: mes@dcci.org.ua, phone/fax: +38 (056) 374-94-12 (10, 09).